Brunch event with Gugguu

This morning I attended a brunch event with my little family. Gugguu was hosting the event and showed us their lovely autumn/winter 19-collection! They had a great brunch, the company was great and their new collection looked amazing. So many pieces from it I want to get for Nate! Ps. Their autumn colors were must-haves. In the pictures above Nate is wearing a cozy Gugguu outfit, one of my favorites since the material is so good and sustainable.

Right now I'm at my husband's office since I have a business meeting in an hour and Thomas will be with Nate during the meeting. So many exciting things are going on right now both in work and everyday life. And tomorrow we're leaving for our mini Finland vacation yay! So nice to see some friends and family there again. I actually haven't been to Finland since sometimes mid-pregnancy right before me moved in to our new place in Stockholm. Probably the longest time ever I've been without visiting Finland!

I'm a bit afraid of how sleeping etc will work out during the trip because Nate has just created some routines for himself and he shows us how he likes to do things etc. He always falls asleep on his self-rocking LullaMe mattress and then after 4-5 hours he has some food and comes to sleep with us in our bed instead. And during the days the one thing that always gets him happy and calm is his baby gym. He has never been away over night anywhere so let's see how he feels about breaking his safe routines and be somewhere else. I'm especially a bit curious to see how he feels about not having his self-rocking mattress to fall asleep on. Let's hope it goes well so I won't be a trainwreck and tired when I get home haha...

Have a great day loves!



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