This vegetarian gainer you find here

Autumn is kind of here and I'm SO EXCITED. My immune system is often shitty during the autumn/winter tho, but this year I'm gonna keep up a vitamin boost!! And I'm not a big fan of vitamins so I've started using this berry- and green boost, that I mix with soy milk, and I looove it. It actually tastes super good. I'm looking forward to seeing if I'm gonna stay healthy this autumn!! (Fingers crossed).

I've been struggling with keeping my weight these past weeks so I've started adding yet another gainer to my meal plan and at the moment I have this strawberry gainer from Better You as an extra snack. Right now it feels hard to gain weight because I'm constantly eating but my weight just isn't going up. The shakes help me a lot tho and I hope to see some progress soon. <3

This berry boost you find here



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