Balancing life

To all moms, dads, parents out there who are balancing family life, work life, friends, me-time and relationships. You are doing great! You are enough just by being you. <3

Little by little I'm going towards a more balanced life where I now have learned to turn off all work stuff when I spend time with Nate, my husband and friends. I've mentioned that we have a new rule that we started a week ago, which is that we're not on our phones/ipads/computers at all when Nate is awake (unless we take pictures/videos). And this has made such a big different for us. Not only do I see how Nate is feeling great when he gets 100% of our attention, but WE'RE feeling so much more relaxed when we're not constantly checking our emails, messages, phone calls or just social media. It's only been a week but I can definitely say that this is something worth trying!

As I've told you a bit about, I've been struggling with a sort of postpartum depression that probably is related to last year's burnout. I've only gotten help and treatment for around 2 weeks now but the difference is incredible already. There are so many tiny things in my everyday life that I didn't even know were wrong until they've now changed to the better.

For example, for the first time I don't feel stressed out when Nate is crying, I don't go to bed feeling anxious and I have much more energy. So guys, whatever it is that you're struggling with, allow yourself to get help! I thought I could deal with all of this alone but now that I'm getting support and help it's amazing to see how much better things can get when you open up about what's wrong. I'm also having it a lot easier to deal with my eating disorder now when I'm getting help for this thing as well. I eat full meals and have once again been able to stop counting calories.

Sending you lots of love tonight. <3



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