Autumn vibes

This morning I woke up with a big smile on my face and lots of new energy (even though I was tired from not sleeping very well lately). Today has been such a good day and for the first time in a long time I've felt that I'm finding some sort of balance and from being very restless and annoyed the last couple of weeks I today actually enjoyed being at home without working. Wihhuu!

Today we went to a mom & baby meet up with 4 other moms and their babies. It's so nice to see how Nate slooowly starts to get a bit more comfortable with being around other children although he's still very shy and a bit afraid. Whenever another baby gets too close to him he looks like he's seen a ghost haha.

I'm about to get some sort of autumn flu and I already feel how I'm getting more tired and my throat is hurting more and more hour by hour. I'm actually a bit interested in seeing how I cope with being sick and at home with a baby. I have a feeling I'll be on some sort of man flu level haha... Luckily our nanny will be here tomorrow and then it's weekend!!

Anyways it's so funny when you become a parent and all of a sudden it doesn't matter if you're ill, have a fever or whatever, you still need to take care of a mini human who relies on you. It's challenging but at the same time the best thing ever. The though that you're his parents & his everything. <3



Vad har hänt med Elton? Han har inte synts till på länge.
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