Autumn is here

It's September aka AUTUMN IS HERE. But it sure doesn't feel like that. It's 26 degrees and sunshine outside and we even went swimming last night. Nate seems happy to use his new autumn sweaters though!

Today we went to pick up some packages and I've tried to get a lot of work done since my mom still is here for the day. But I've been so tired so I slept until 11PM and then mostly watched Netflix haha... It's going to be hard to go back to normal when my mom leaves after 4 days of someone who can help with Nate 24/7 and just be around the house with me all the time. Maybe she can move in here with us instead... :)

Now I'm going to make some dinner, have vegan ice cream and soak in a last couple of Working Moms episodes before my own mom leaves to the airport. Then my little family is going to an apartment display and then have a cozy calm night for the first time in like a decade haha.

Ps. Nate is getting teeth already!! We've noticed he has started chewing on things so we suspected that something was up haha. But today I actually saw the beginning to his baby teeth for the first time! So cute.



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