Autumn details giveaway

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I'm the type of person who spends all autumn and winter in a sweatshirt. To keep it interesting I love to pimp my outfits with some jewelry. All jewelry I'm showing you in this post are from Zina!

Above I'm wearing Capucina earrings that you find here. They are 15cm but feel pretty weightless! Which is great because I'm a baby when it comes to jewelry that weighs a lot, I can't handle any pressure on my ears haha. The ring is called Arline (here) and it's also available in a golden color. The bracelet isn't available in the exact same design as the one I'm wearing, but you find a similar one here. I LOVE that it's not too tight and kind of gives the whole look a laid back vibe.

Ahhh I'm so in love with these earrings (here). I remember back in 2012 or something when it was THE thing, so everyone wore these types of earrings. But for me the phase just kept going because I find these so cute and they really look "much" even though it's a pretty small detail. The best thing is that these come with three other smaller earrings, so if you have more than one piercing per ear this is perfect. I did have two piercings in one ear but it got infected and disappeared oops.

I never wear anything around my neck but damn this neckless is prettyyyy. It's so extra but still so lowkey?! You find it here. You can wear it a little differently, but I've chosen to wear it in a way that makes it look more messy. The earrings go perfectly with it and you find them here.

NOW GUYS, you have the chance to win a gift card to - comment your favorite jewelry (for example: earrings) to participate!! Winner will be announced next week. <3



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