Answering 6 of your questions

What's been the hardest part about motherhood this far?

The absolute hardest part has been the days where I've been very stressed out, my patience has been zero and I've felt like the minutes until my husband gets home couldn't go any slower. Sometimes everything is so overwhelming and you feel like you need air, you need a moment to yourself and just be you for a while. Being at home with a baby is so far from life before a baby and therefor you need balance and you need to remember yourself.

What's the best thing about Nate?

He is almost always happy and he sleeps so good. His smile makes me happy no matter the situation. But obviously the absolute best part is that he's my son hihi.

Why don't you write more about your eating disorder and share it with others who are in a similar situation?

Because I feel like it's so hard not to have any triggers in those type of posts. So I only ever write about my eating disorder when I'm in a place where I can write about my own situation and share advice/experience without it being too triggering in any way. Because if I'd write about it all the time, on good and bad days, it would probably help some people but it could also be triggering for some people. And I know it's impossible to be 0% triggering, but I want to be as little triggering as possible, so that's why.

Biggest pro and con about being a young mommy?

Biggest + is definitely that I have so much energy now and that I'll be under 40 when my son graduates from high school and moves out haha. So I'll basically have so much time after raising a child to "do my own things" and now when he gets a bit older and starts preschool/school for example I'll also still be young and have time to do whatever I feel like doing in this world. And at the same time have my son by my side. <3 Even though I didn't always want to be a young mom it's probably the best decision I've ever made!

I don't see any cons in my situation but in general it could be that you don't have time to study with the people your own age, travel by yourself or something like that.

Why do you choose to have a nanny instead of being on maternity leave?

I've always been working, since the age of 11, no matter if it's been with music, as an artist, songwriter or with social media. And I feel that I go a little crazy if I don't get to have "my thing" and my projects. So for us it was the absolute best choice to get a nanny instead of being on maternity leave. And now it's not like I work 8 hours every single day, I work a bit here and there and sometimes it's a full day and other days it's just a couple of hours. So I still feel that I have a lot of time for my family and I also get quality hours with Nate during most days.

3 ways your body has changed after pregnancy and giving birth?

- My muscles are even weaker than before (my back hurts a lot haha)

- My hair pigment changed and got darker (therefor I also colored it)

- My hips are a lot wider than before and my belly easily gets swollen after big meals



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