Answering 10 of your questions

How many kids do you wish to have?

For now one feels perfect. But you never know what happens in the future!

What does your husband work with?

He works in the gambling industry. What company etc I'm not going to write though.

How do you live right now?

We live in a part of a villa in Brevik, Lidingö. Our home is 65 square meters and we love it here but eventually we will have to get a bigger place!

Do you get mad when people think you're a stay-at-home mom even though you work and have your own business?

No because I think being a mom is the most important job in the world for me! So I don't see it as anyone diminishing me or what I do when they think/say that. My husband always jokes and say that he is a stay-at-home dad because I have so much going on all the time haha.

Then it's obviously nice to get credits for both staying at home with a baby and doing business at the same time. ;) But being a momma is my number one thing. <3

Why do you pay 10% of all your incomes to the church?

Because for me tithing has been the best thing ever. I've become so much more humble in everything and also I've seen the enormous blessings that comes from paying tithing. Plus the money goes to helping people in need, building temples etc.

What's your secret when it comes to being a kickass mom?

Hahaa <3 If I have a bad day or my patience is at 0 I put on headphones, listen to a mood booster song and then I feel better and ready to handle mom life again haha.

How much money do you spend on food in a month?

A lot haha. Grocery shopping is our fave thing! Around 7.000kr/700€ a month for me & my husband.

Best thing about getting married young?

You get to spend your whole life together and go through everything side by side.

Best memory from your pregnancy?

Every ultrasound and time I got to hear his heartbeat. And the last month when me & Thomas laid in bed feeling Nate kicking in there and we wondered who he might be. <3

Worst memory from your pregnancy?

When I got food poisoning in week 22 and thought I was going to die haha...



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