Anniversary brunch

I started the morning by going to the temple with some other women from my ward. It was nice to have some me-time and focus on something else than my love bean for a while but the funny thing is that I miss him like crazy even if I’m just away from him for an hour haha. I guess it’ll be like this for some years... :)

We started our anniversary celebration by going to have a chocolate brunch at Choco Mania. OH MY it was good!! Now I won’t crave chocolate for a couple of weeks haha.

After brunch we decided to go shopping anniversary gifts because we’re not good at shopping for each other or plan surprises etc... We got some new shoes, clothes and other stuff we were in the mood to buy! It’s SO RARE that we go shopping in an actual store these days. We just buy everything online. But it was actually nice to be able to try on some different outfits in the store as a change!

Now we’re gonna go get a late lunch and then we’re off to the beach. Wihuu Scandinavian summer at its best!!



Åh himmelskt ju!
He's so adorable! 😊
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