About nursing clothes...

(Nursing dress here)

Okay so one thing that has been a real life saver since I became a mommy is nursing clothes. Yup! It's a thing you need as much as nursing pads if you're gonna breastfeed haha. During pregnancy I pretty much refused to buy pregnancy clothes so I mostly wore normal designs and only had pregnancy leggings and dresses since no jeans would fit the bump and maternity dresses were so much more comfortable than normal once. So I also thought I’d wear normal designs after pregnancy while breastfeeding but boy I was wrong...

The difference between wearing normal clothes and nursing clothes when breastfeeding is huge. Since day one Baby N has been with me on whatever I do, wether it's roadtrips or restaurant visits. So my number one rule is to always wear clothes that makes breastfeeding easy and comfortable. Otherwise it's easy to get stressed when the baby is hungry, you're in a crowded place and your clothing makes everything 10 times more difficult for you.

The majority of the nursing clothes I wear are from Milker and I wear both dresses, tops and bras from their shop. My absolute favorite is the nursing tops, you don't need to wear a bra underneath, they are SO comfortable and they go well to almost every single outfit. I also use their tops as PJ's since they're so comfortable and since I still breastfeed 2-3 times at night.

Every now and then I forget to wear nursing clothes and the moment when you're at a restaurant and realize you'll have to drag up your whole dress to be able to breastfeed is filled with 100% anxiety and 0% laughter, even if it's funny one week later haha.

The dress I wear in the pictures is probably my favorite nursing dress. It's a perfect combination for cuddling at home and going out for an evening walk with the stroller. I also love the colours and am proud since it's only of the few pieces I wear that isn't black haha... (I need to fix my way-too-dark wardrobe) And most importantly, it's SO EASY when it comes to breastfeeding.

Tonight I'm actually going to try breast pumping for the first time so that Baby N has some milk in the fridge when I'm going to the hairdresser for a couple of hours in the morning. Obviously he should be fine without eating for a couple of hours but since I still never know when he's going to be hungry or just wants to snack a bit and it variates so much, I feel it's better to have something his dad can give him just in case he gets hungry.

Apart from that I'm going to start giving him the bottle at times so that I can be away from home a bit more than 15 minutes at a time I'll probably full-time breastfeed him (if possible) until he's 6 months old. So this means I'll probably live in nursing clothes and cozy outfits until that. Which I like a lot since breastfeeding is one of my favorite things and bonding times with my lil bean. <3



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