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Fun fact: I only wear an engagement ring and my husband only wears a wedding ring. This is because when I got my engagement ring I completely fell in love with it and I only want to wear one ring (since I have such tiny fingers hehe) so I decided not to get a wedding ring at all/wear my engagement ring as the wedding ring. And for my husband it was the other way around.

Whenever I have a bad day I look at my wedding ring and feel love & happiness. For me it's not just a ring, it's a symbol for my commitment, the love of my life and eternal love. Being the wife of my favorite person in the whole world is my favorite title of all possible titles.

If you're thinking about getting engaged or if you're planning a wedding, I recommend you VANBRUUN for absolutely amazing rings. I have a tiny obsession with engagement- and wedding rings and I could easily scroll pictures of these for hours heh. Click here to come to VB's engagement rings, of which the rosé golden ones are my favorite ones!! I've never seen rings in that shade before actually.

(You find these here)

As I've told you before, my engagement story and wedding day are the few (and only?) things I've chosen to keep private. Mostly because these were the happiest days in my life so far, and I don't wanna break the magic about it by writing about them.

I've gotten many questions about my ring and I can tell you that it was the second ring I tried on and I just knew this was the one I wanted. It's white gold with three diamonds on top. I love how it's pretty simple but still super shiny and super ME. And also that it's not that wide. Many rings look very clumsy and take up like a third of your finger.

I remember my first weeks of wearing this ring when I was scared of getting dirt on it and so incredibly scared of losing it haha. It's funny because on days when I eat a lot of salty food or it's very humid outside, my fingers are insanely bloated. And then again when it's cold outside and I haven't had anything salty, it sometimes feels like the ring is gonna fall off. So when you choose the size: keep this in mind!!

Big love. <3



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