A good day

Today has been a really good day. Nate & Thomas woke up at 7 and went out for a long walk so I got to sleep in and stayed in bed until 10PM! Since I breastfeed during the nights as well Thomas always wakes up with Nate in the morning so I get some extra hours of sleep. Our system has worked very well and neither of us feel super tired so it's all good haha.

I went on my first run after giving birth today. I've always hated running and I've never done it on a regular basis so it wasn't any different today haha (aka I did it for about 10 minutes before I gave up). I just wanted to see how it feels to run after 12 months with absolute 0 running. Because the past year I haven't even done "run to the bus" type of running. That's how little running I've done.

Yesterday I also did my first "workout session" in a year. I did 10 minutes of an "intense ab workout" which I did a lot before I got pregnant. I was surprised of how well it went, I felt really strong even though I today feel like my abs got hit by a truck haha. They are actually so sore I didn't know muscles could get this sore from that little effort. I mean, 10 minutes of working out shouldn't be that bad but apparently the body is very different after pregnancy so that's okay. I just need to adjust everything to how it feels now and do what I'm able to etc.

Today we went to see David Archuleta live and it was so so so good. I'm so happy we went to the concert and the best part was that Nate seemed to enjoyed it even more than I did! He sat with his eyes wide open the whole time and didn't make a sound. It was very intense for him haha. It was his first concert but now that we know he likes it we can do more stuff like this!

Have a great Saturday loves! <3



I remember Archuleta, good voice, cool!
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