6 week update

Blanket from Vinter&Bloom

Outfit from Frida&Fritiof (Mini Rodini)

Today is maybe my 4th day alone at home while Thomas is at the office. A typical day for us when we don’t have anything special planned, like today, is like this:

I wake up around 9 and shower/get ready while Nate is still asleep, we drive to our 6 week check-up at BVC 10:15, drive home, Nate is playing on his play ground for an hour while I make lunch and handle some work stuff (and make some online shopping both for my favorite snacks and some new outfits for N), we go out for a walk and cuddle on our backyard while getting some sun, I watch a bit of Netflix while I breastfeed him before we play some more, Nate plays on his playground again while I make some phone calls and then N gets tired but refuses to take a nap unless he gets to be in my arms so I write this blog post while he’s sleeping on my chest. And in between that I change some diapers, Baby N gets 100 kisses and we laugh, play, cuddle and change a couple of outfits when he’s puked some milk on himself and me haha. When Thomas gets home from work the three of us usually go out together, yesterday we went to the beach and had ice cream and tonight we’re gonna go out for dinner. Love these summer nights!

So, now I have a 6 week old son at home with me. He’s the most adorable guy and he’s too kind. He weighs a bit over 5kg now and you can tell that he’s getting heavier to carry and also he’s outgrown size 56! Wohoo.

He gets more active for each day and today he was awake for 6 full hours during the day before he decided to take a nap. He’s not a needy baby and he loves to play by himself on his little playground. He actually gets mad if I try to carry him around when he just wants to play haha. But I’m really happy about this since it means I have a lot of time to do me-things at home during the days. So let’s hope it stays this way!

A new thing Nate has started doing is that during the evenings when he gets fussy nothing other than being in my arms is good for him haha... So if my husband holds him he gets mad, which is a bit weird since we’ve held him and taken care of him 50/50 in everything since day one. But it looks like some sort of separation anxiety has kicked in already! Anyone who’s had this with a 6 week old baby? I literally know zero about what’s normal and not when it comes to these things haha.



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