3 things you didn’t know about my marriage

Whaaa it’s been 4 months since our wedding day today. How crazy is that?! Time flies but at the same time it feels like we’ve been married for years, not just a couple of tiny months. In honor of this happy anniversary Tuesday I’ll spill 3 facts about our marriage you didn’t know.

1. There’s almost no couple pictures of us

For some reason, even though my own life is very public in most ways and although there’s probably thousands of pictures of me online, there’s exactly 4 different pictures of me and my husband online. (Maybe around 10 pictures over all but from 4 different occasions) And now the thing is that it’s not just that I don’t post much of us on social media, but we don’t have much more pictures together than that. I do want to change this though, mostly because as the years go by I want to have a scratch book with lots and lots of pictures of us. Think about how sad it would be to be 40 and you realize you have like 5 pictures with your husband from your youth haha.

2. We dated for 6 months before he proposed

This is true and it was almost exactly 6 months with the date and everything. Now the funny thing is that I don’t think that many people know when we got engaged. But it wasn’t that long before we got married!

3. It wasn’t love at first sight!

Many people assume it was love at first sight because things happened so fast. Now the thing is that in his words the case was so for him. But for me it was a bit more complicated. We were literally inseparable after the first time we met, we spent every single day together. So obviously it clicked immediately. But I was going through a very difficult time in my life and I was struggling with eating disorders so my first thought wasn’t ”I’m gonna marry this guy”. It took me some time to let down my guards and to allow myself to be happy with someone. And honestly I can’t describe the feeling when you go from falling in love with someone to knowing that this is the one and knowing that it’s him & you against the world. In that moment nothing else matter because you know that with this person you’ll always be okay and you’ll always be at home with this person, no matter where life takes you.



I´m still thinking marriage is really funny. You marry the one you are together with, when it´s real enough! To make it even more real! 😋 To make a happy date to save in all ways, for both of you. And to have sex in matter of fact, vove it to be deseant because you´re married 😋 haahahaanouw.com/fun
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