24/7 nachos & a baby monkey

My latest food craving is everything that has nachos in it (?!) so right now basically all my meals are different types of nacho plates, taco lasagnas, nacho bowls etc. I'm the type of person who gets addicted to a certain food and eats it for three weeks straight and then gets bored and doesn't eat it again for months. Anyone with the same pattern haha?

This last week our little love bean has started with a new thing: he won't fall asleep unless he's on someone's chest and when he's awake he gets grumpy if he doesn't get to be in my arms all the time. The second I put him down he gets sad, and the same way, the second I take him in my arms he's a happy boy again. So he's like a little monkey I carry around all day haha. Does it get difficult? Well a little when it comes to going to the bathroom and making food but luckily he takes quite a lot naps so then I have time to do my own things without a baby monkey in my arms hehe.

Yesterday we hit 4 weeks postpartum. Time goes by SO quickly, I can't believe I have a 4-week-old son already. It feels like last week we were at the hospital, nervously waiting for the C-section to start. This first year will probably go by in what feels like a month if it continues this way!

A thing about postpartum I don't really get is the amount of interest people have for other mamas' weight losses. I get DMs on Instagram every day from people who ask me about how much weight I've already lost etc etc. I don't have any problem talking about it, for me it's just numbers, but it feels a bit weird that people are so interested in those numbers and want to compare and comment on others' weight losses after pregnancy.



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