24 hours left!!

I'm meeting my son in 24 hours!!! I've been waiting on this day for 9 months. 9 months?! It feels like 3 years. Lots of people have asked me "didn't your pregnancy go by really fast?" and nope. Not. At. All. Haha. It feels like I've been pregnant forever. So I'm beyond happy and excited that we're finally here!

Now the final preparations have started and we just came home from the hospital where we took some blood samples for tomorrow. Now I'm going to eat as much and well as possible because after a certain time today I'm not allowed to eat more before the C-section. Luckily I'm allowed to drink juice and soda until 2 hours before we go to the hospital tomorrow morning, so I'll keep my blood sugar up! Otherwise I'm very sensitive when it comes to not eating for long amounts of time, so I'm a bit nervous about how I'll feel in the morning.

I feel that we're aaalmost ready for tomorrow at this point. Mini's hospital bag is ready, we have lots of snacks packed hehe and when it comes to my & my husband's stuff it's getting there. Don't really know what type of clothes to pack for myself since I don't know how my body will feel afterwards and what's comfortable! And what sizes will fit the first weeks, since the belly probably doesn't go back to normal immediately.

In the evening I have a special routine I'll have to do to minimize infection risks etc for the operation, and then I'll do the same thing in the morning before we leave for the hospital. Otherwise there's just a lot of small things left to do, so we're almost in a hurry at this point. Also, yesterday we tried to set up the stroller but since we're the worst when it comes to handy stuff, we didn't manage to do even that haha... Luckily my mom comes here to babysit our dog while we're at the hospital, so she can help us out!

Well, I guess this is my last blog post before baby boy arrives! I have no idea how soon or late next post will be up since I don't know how everything will go and how it will feel to be a new mommy. But I'm gonna keep you updated! <3 I'm honestly so excited now that I have butterflies in my belly and I can't sit still haha. Both me and my husband are hyper at this point! We can't stop thinking about how it will be to hold our son, what he will look like, how the operation will go etc etc. Endless thoughts and endless love. Can't wait!!



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