14 days after

Hi loves. I'm getting a lot of questions about my recovery and my postpartum journey. Now exactly two weeks have passed since the C-section and here's a little update on what's happening with my body at the moment:

Yesterday I took off the last "safety layer" that was on my scar and I got to see the actual scar for the first time. Wow I was surprised! It wasn't anything like I'd imagined it. First of all it's SUPER low and you can't see it when I'm in underwear because it's way lower than the bikini line. I thought it would be much higher up and visible in a bikini/underwear but nope. Second of all it has healed so well already and it's in a way better condition than I thought it would be at this point.

My abs are very sore and I feel that they're still "in the wrong place" but moving closer together all the time. And I still have a little of my preggy belly left hehe but it's going more and more back to normal all the time on its own and I'm anyways not allowed to workout etc in 6-8 weeks at all. And if I start working out after that it won't be to "get my body back" but simply as a hobby and to feel healthy and well.

Lately I'm craving salad and fruits all the time which is very different from my last weeks of pregnancy when all I wanted was junk food haha. It might have something with breastfeeding to do?! So now I'm off to make some salad for dinner, have a great night. <3



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