Celebrities’ presence makes an event memorable and also improve mind treasure. This adds up a creative touch to someone's birthday. Celebrities’ names are used to endorse and to promote new era of business. This becomes popular and more fascinating these days. This new trend is being popular during pandemic and has become one of the fastest growing startups in accordance to pay for birthday wishes and different recorded messages by celebrities and influenced persons.

There are different personalities from different area s like TV Stars, Bollywood Stars, Famous Players, different fields personalities fall under this to promote Businesses. Nowadays, these kinds of surprises Celebrity Birthday Messages are co sidereal as the beat surprises fir your dear one's. This can add up the creative and unique touch-up to one's Birthday Wishes.

These included various modes like through video calls, video recording, normal call, text or what app chats. As to make connections to fans or their loved ones or famous personalities by using of shoutouts, messages and videos. These direct messages become best ever gift for your loved ones.

With innovative Birthday Cakes having virtual kind to get together replete with favorite music, online on time hunts and night online games, in fact Lowdown Birthday parties are good as well and add ups by celebrities wishes made them extra special while we missing previous form of gatherings.

It has given rise to some new trends. These trends uncirculated a very popular addition is wishes from famous personalities or celebrities. One can pay according to popularity if the person in exposed to industry they working.

One those who taking their loved one’s birthdays seriously and started countdown a month before, are apparently allowing the pandemic to shower on their parade. In this virtual scavenger hunt and Bollywood hunt involved. One can pay to get personalize messages and video message from a celebrity of your own choice.

This trend of Celebrity Birthday wishes has been beginning in USA around four years ago. There was a company y that has begun or started to offer these personalized shoutouts, greetings ha and video messages or through placing a normal call. Even in India there are agencies that popped up over around past a year to follow up the same trend and it's catching up a good response from the clients.

Among these there are celebrities listed under are singers like kailash Kher, Shaan, Shankar Mahadevan and Leslie Lewis; TV actors and actresses like Ronit Roy, Sudha chadran, Liku Sharda and gorgeous Sima Taparia; Badminton player Nehwal; even some famous Bollywood celebrities like Salman Khan, Anita Bachan, Alia Bhut etc. there are many more in this list. Even though there are their lookalike are available for less prices.

People spending a good amount of their assets in order to get overwhelmed at the occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, weddings.

They pay this much amount to get a short video are of just 45 seconds that proved to be enough to lift up their moods and become memorable for rest of their life. It's totally optional am a person can choose live video call, and live chat or a phone call from the bookings made by them.

On the part of celebrities according to their point of view they realize that it's a chance to approach out to their fans and loved ones even more directly than through other social media sources like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. As the words from famous singer Shankar Mahadevan" I can be a part of special mom nets, family celebration by breaking all sort of barriers". These appeared to be heartwarming on some special occasions.

Now or Never: a request made by customers usually takes about 24- 48 hours from the payment process to delivery. In case the action is not completed the client get refund what has been paid. Here it is rightly said that there is financial security for client.

It's all what you want them to say- As there is no option for do- overs. Once the statement is made its cannot be changed. These videos can be shared under copyrights. Copyrights of their data is usually with Artists and their beholding agencies.

This whole procedure is followed up under some simple steps:

One has to select the artist,

Then share yours details.

And you will get personalized message if birthday wishes

You can surprise yours friends, family, kids, colleagues and your dear one's for om the person they adore.

At the end it's fair to realize that there are many means to stay in warm touch with your family.