How To Store Diamond Painting Gems

It is always difficult for the artist to organize the utensils after he is done working on a masterpiece. The artist is usually not aware of the mess he is making until he is done with the painting or when he needs to find something while in the procedure of creating art. Therefore, as the saying goes,”Organization is key". The artists must organise their stuff so that there is no distraction while painting and no diamond paint gems are lost.

Diamond painting gems are most likely to be misplaced because of their tiny size and variety of colour. Now is the time to bid farewell to this kind of distraction for the artist. Today, in this article, we will talk about how to store unfinished diamond painting gems. Given below is a list of diamond painting storage solutions.

1. Zip Lock Plastic Bags:

When looking for methods to store efficiently your sparkly diamond painting gems, one of the most common and most popular tricks that are used are Ziploc plastic bags. These little baggies are used to store various types of gems. Use different little baggies and label them with DMC codes using a permanent marker. Put the right diamond gems in the baggies and organize them accordingly. The little baggies can be kept in any container or basket. They are easy to utilize. Another plus point of using plastic bags is that they are re-useable as they can easily be sealed and re-sealed. Not only do these Ziploc bags make storage of diamond paint gems more systematic, they are also recyclable and thus, good for the environment. After all, green is always the preferred way to go.

2. Sauce Containers:

The second way to store these pretty diamond painting gems is to use sauce containers. This is also an easy and cheap way to effectively keep track of the diamond gems as the containers are very handy. The containers can be used to store the gems and the top of the containers can be labelled using a permanent marker. The containers can be kept in any box or basket. The organized sauce containers will not only add to the utility but also will add to the aesthetics of the setup.

3. Compartmental Storage Boxes:

Compartmental storage is another answer to, “How to store diamond painting gems". Compartmental is a little more expensive but are helpful when it comes to organizing diamond painting gems. They come in various sizes and shapes. They have little paper strips attached to them so the user can label them with the right DMC code. The compartmental storage boxes can be further placed into the bigger containers and can be easily accessed at the time of use. Some diamond painting kits include compartmental containers and some even provide the option to have them customized.

4. Tupperware containers

There are some items which are always available at home. Among these are the ever useful Tupperware containers. Though they are meant for food storage, they can also be used to store diamond paint gems. These sparkly stones can be segregated by colour and stored in different containers. Then, only if you’re a diamond paint enthusiast, you can label the containers by name or even attach one stone to the top of each container. This will make it easy to identify the different containers by colour. You’re ready to proceed.

5. Plastic cups

Just like the common Tupperware containers, you can also easily find plastic cups within your kitchen. These cups are also an easy and convenient answer to the question of storing diamond painting gems. You can separate the diamond gems by their shiny colours and then add each colour to a cup. Be sure to label the cup with a permanent and possible marker to differentiate between the different stones. Once you’re done adding the stones to each cup, you’ll find that this storage method for diamond painting gems is easy on the pocket and easy to use as well.

6. Bead test tubes

Exclusively for the die-hard diamond painting enthusiasts, one method to store these gems is to use medium sized plastic test tubes. These tubes are Easily available from online stores. they have the added benefit of being transparent so the sparkly diamond gems will be visible. There will be no need for any labelling activity. However, adding the gems to the tubes is a time-taking activity but well worth the effort.

7. Muffin Trays

When you’ve begun your diamond painting and need an efficient storage method for your drill gems, then look no further than your kitchen pantry. Why not utilize your muffin or cupcake oven trays ingeniously for this purpose? This is an excellent storage technique especially when no other mechanisms are readily available. So get out your largest baking tray. Add the luminous stones to each cupcake mould and enjoy a stress-free diamond painting activity. There is no need to worry about the gems falling onto the floor and disappearing due to their miniscule size.

8. Egg Trays

Usually, when beginners to the diamond painting craft look for storage techniques for their diamond gems, a very popular method is using empty egg-tray cartons for the task. Once your stones are separated by colour, you just need to add them to the empty tray. Then, you can continue your craft activity with space of mind. No drill gem will inadvertently fall onto the ground to be lost forever. Once the painting is complete or you're done for the day, simply close the carton by pulling down the lid. The diamond painting gems will be safely stored to be used the next day.

Final Words

To sum up, there are several clever ways to store diamond painting gems. Anyone to these methods can be used to ensure a clutter-free and more importantly, a stress-free diamond painting. So select your pick and give it a go!