Hi guys, We are throwing a late birthday party for My younger brother. And we decided to shoot our first Get ready with us video on youtube. Hopefully we will post it as soon as possible. So stay tuned dollies!

Xoxoxo dollies// Faisa Mohammed

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Sorry for not posting anything lately we have been busy starting on our youtube channel, finally we did it and now we have a fall makeup/hijabtutorial.... 👇👇👇

Here is also a TB OOTD

Once again sorry, also stay tuned for Faisas fall inspired eye makeup tutorial that is gonna come up on the blog hopefully today if not then inshallah tomorrow, XOXO Dollies



Hi! Here is a pic that includes the products you need to achieve the stunning Kelly Rowlands essence magazine makeup look! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: If you dont Have these products, its fine just work With what you have.

Xoxoxo// Faisa Mohammed

Also I can make a tutorial on this look if you guys want to.



So I haven´t been on the blog for a quite long time, therefore I wanted to share a look with you guys that I mostly use everyday on fall.

Eyes: I love wearing winged eyeliner  just because its a look that you can pretty much rock everyday. 

Lips: Moving on to the lips , when i am wearing neutral eyes such as the cat eye I like to pair it with a dark lipstick. If you Have small lips I would not suggest matte lipsticks, instead you can use shimmery lipsticks to make your lips look fuller. 


This is all I had for today and if you are wondering anything or something else just comment down below and hopefully we will answer you as soon as possible,

xoxoxo dollies Farhiya Mohammed.



1. Whats your name? Farhiya Leyla Mohammed

2. How old are you? 17 Years old

3. Whats your favorite color? Olive Green

4. Who is your favorite singer? Male: Bruno Mars Female: RiRi

5. If you could drive any type of vehicle, what would you choose? Car Range rover

6. Money or Love? Love

7. Your dream vacation would be? Funchal Madeira

8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Dubai

9. What would your dream job be? Bio Medical scientist or something with social science

10. Who is your favorite actor? Paul Walker

11. Who is your favorite actress? Angelina Jolie

12. Name 3 of your favorite movies. 1. Fast and Furious 2. She is all that 3. Big mama Jack

13. Name 3 of your favorite TV Shows. 1. gossip girl 2. devious maids 3. ANTM

14. Do you have any siblings? Yes I do, three brothers and three sisters

15. Whats your favorite day of the week and why? Friday cuz I know that there is no school the day after and I watch movies like crazy.

16. Whats your favorite holiday and why? Summer cuz its my b-day

17. Who is someone you admire? My madre

19. Where is your favorite place to shop? Frölunda shopping centrum

20. What is your favorite brand of makeup? MAC

21. What type of makeup do you take the most intrest in when you go shopping? (ex. eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes?) Lipsticks

22. What do you like to do for fun? Play basketball , shop with "faisa", and hangout with my friends

23. Name three sites online that you love. houseoffraser, Blackdiiamonds, sminknet,

25. If you could have one famous person as a sibling..who would you choose? Bruno mars cuz his outgoing and fun.

26. Do you have any piercings or tattoos? piercings I do four two on each ear.

29. If you could bring back one person who has passed away and spend the day with them..who would it be? My uncle

30.What sport do you like? I like both football and basketball

31.What team do you support within that sport? football: chelsea, portugal basketball: LA Lakers

And that was my get to know me tag hopefully my sister Faisa will do one too.

Just comment if there is anything I missed,

XOXO dollies, Farhiya Mohammed