Hi long time no see! we know we have not updated for a long time and we are sorry. This time we have no excuse however the hectic school have began.. sigh. If you feel tired of school this is for you! Whenever we feel this certain way we go straight to youtube/pinterest/google/tumblr to search for inspiration! And here they are




1: Dream about what you can do in the future, travel around the world an visit paris. Can you do that with no money?.. the answer is no so study hard!

2. Another way to educate yourself is to read, so if you like reading, you are definitely educating yourself!

3. Venedig is another attraction of mine. I on all occasions dream away to another destination such as venedig. You can do so too and hopefully that will work as a motivation

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How you doing? It has been a long time since we have been blogging constantly and in a routine. We apologise for that. I will however share a makeup look with you guys. I experimented with smokey eye and I think I did pretty well.

Face: MAC studio fix fluid, hm pink blush, sleek contour kit

Eyes: 120 palette, maybeline gel liner, Hm mascara.

Lips: Mac ruby woo with rimmel london n.04



I decided today that I would do the five daily picture challenge, so starting of with today, I did not have any class so I went to the library and just studied, and of course I went there with my emergency coffee mug and some sandwiches/fruit yoghurt which I had bought from pressbyrån on my way there.

This a couple of days ago while I was watching devious maids best tv show so far..

Swedish weather today it might be summer, and tomorrow might be winter you never know what it has to offer, you just have to wait and see..

Xoxo dollies



Is it just me or do you guys drink coffee or tea in the spring as well as the Summer, well, I drink coffee and tea a lot more than the winter, actually, my beautiful coffee mug is always with me school/work/library everywhere... 

The logo is just amazing "emergency coffee" 

Apart from me loving this mug and coffee, me and my sister Faisa have had an obsession for books and magazines lately here are some new in...

As you might know I love Rihanna and even doe the number was one month old when I bought it, I just could not leave it, I just had to have it.. #RihannaNavy 

Last but not least our latest purchase vintage sunglasses and two beautiful nail polish which I purchased today in a local store when I went grocery shopping....

Any questions comment down below XOXO DOLLIES:* :*/Farhiya Mohammed



Today I decided to talk about makeup in the society and my top 4 makeup looks. First and foremost, I want to say that I truly love makeup and most of the women in this world do. When we wear it, we exude confidence and high self esteem. But one of the things that truly bothers me is when girls use makeup to make them look better for others. Who benefits from you wearing makeup than you? Okay, we do use makeup to enhance what we have and to conceal our flaws, but who do we do it for? for ourselfs or for the society? I can firmly say that I do not approve of girls wearing makeup for appreciation from others. I do believe that you should use it because you like it, therefore you need to appreciate your self before someone else do. And besides you are beautiful in your own way, we all have flaws that we do not like but we learn to live with them aswell as dealing with them and ladies do not aim for perfection because there is no thing called perfection it does not exist. You are beautiful with or without makeup if you believe it, its you who can believe in yourself and its you who can appreciate yourself not me but you! And another thing that we need to take into consideration is that we use makeup to enhance or to conceal we do not use makeup to rearrange our faces and look like a total different person. We may all have done that mistake but next time, have in mind that when you use makeup you should be able to look yourself in the mirror and recognize that person and say thats me not " oh I look like another person". One rule to know, that will make sure that you use makeup right is when you recognize yourself!

Here is my top 4 makeup looks

// Faisa Mohammed



Here are some photos that are soo much inspiration to me , the new spring trend african print the street wear , perfect for spring and summer ...

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and we will post soon , for now xoxo dollies //FarhiyaMohammed



 1.Faux fur: H&M

2.Wine red coat: H&M

3. Black cardigan: Cubus

4. White shirt: Vero Moda

5. Jeans: Cubus

6. Leg warmers: Lindex

7. Boats: Wáseens




I will post a makeup tutorial soon in our youtube channel so stay tuned for that.
 Makeup tutorial

Eyes: Elfs primer, 120 palette brown and pink, maybelines gel liner and rocket mascara.

Face: Mac studio fix fluid and hm pink blush.

Eyebrows: Viva la diva´s eyebrow kit.

Lips: La colors lip liner, Rimmel London cutting edge and n.04.

Don not forget to check our newest video out!

// Faisa Mohammed.