I feel like this is my duty to do something about this. And I have been thinking a lot this morning. How can I make sure no one get trouble from this?! I figured out that this would be the best way, to publish it on internet and warn others.

Anyway, I got this mail the other day. They claim to be from the agency Majormodel.

I contacted Major Model and got this answer:

And this:

Over one year ago, october 2016 I came in contact with a guy who say he is Micheal Sadun Sarun, from the company Cedok. This was totally wrong.

After skyping and talking with him for a while I did send a mail to the company. They said that this man does not work here. I attached this picture in the mail.

The answer I got from the company:

At the receipt I got another name from him.

And it match with his skype name.

I want to show some screen shots I found at my old phone...

Such an idiot. And for those who wonder; I did not show any private parts while skyping with him.

So, for not wasting your time like I did, I have some tips for you!

Here is how to avoid it:
Promises that sound like your dream come true of a modeling opportunity should be taken with a grain of salt.
If someone requests a Skype webcam interview with you:

1. Find out about the company and the person approaching you.
Make sure the person actually works for the modeling agency they claim to work for.
Does the modeling agency have an About page and list executives (lots of sketchy modeling sites out there). The less information you are able to gather, the more careful you need to be in agreeing to a Skype interview.

2. Take a screenshot of the person interviewing you.

3. If they say they their microphone is not working and all correspondence will be typed not spoken, be suspicious.

4. Keep records of all Skype messages from them.

Be aware that strangers can capture both photos and video of you during a Skype interview.

Please take care! <3

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Post 2

Our little corner in the bar, but honestly I was more one the red chairs bothering the guys in the bar xD

Too bd that I didn't got any pictures of the guys in the bar. But some of you might have seen a stupid video I accidentally posted on my store on snapchat. Thanks to my brother for telling me to delete the video the morning after haha.

Anyway all the guys here was the best! Thank you for making my stay awesome!



While being in Turkey I was at a few trips. And now I will spam with some pictures!

First stop with a "food show". I Have no pictures from the show or from the food cuz I was busy with finding out which picture to post next on instagram. Sorry to the chef for not paying attention. (and sorry for my bad english. well I'm not that sorry)

"Holy crap, a cactus! Please take a picture of me in front of it"

Removing my band from the hotel, elastics and clothes for taking some quick pics.

The crazy cars we was driving up from the food show. I admit I was a little scarred at the road and in THOSE cars. That would be totally illegal to drive in Norway for sure! But, we came safe up!

Our guide. He was really cool.

The ladies sold home made things. I got a bracelet for one of them.

I don't remember exactly what this was, but something like a teather(?) Anyway it was some history.

And what a view!






Polarsirkelen / The arctic circle 

From E6 highway you can see this place. Here is a center with cafeteria and information about the circle. The Arctic Circle Centre is in a national park area and is surrounded by some nice locations and perfect for hiking.

Around the centre you will also find Russian and Yugoslavian war memorials from World War II.

Anyway - this is a great place to take your brake from the road!

My cute little Molly. She was freezing. Poor little.

My photographer and travel buddy🙏 (don't kill me for posting this, you look good😉)

All pictures are taken by me.
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