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Create an app without coding

The best thing about the Mobiroller app maker is it simple and easy to setup and has great theming abilities. By Mobiroller, you can create dynamic apps. Here are a few Mobiroller app examples;

Create your own Android and iOS apps without coding by using MobiRoller App Maker.


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How to Make iPhone Apps? Now that the total number of downloads from Apple's application store has already amounted to $200 million of monthly sales, the booming marketplace for iPhone apps has become a great starting point for software programmers and designers. However, there is more to creating a great iPhone application than just coming up with an interesting idea. In fact, the bulk of the work comes after you have programmed and designed a unique application. If you want to read how to create an app without coding for free and earn profit from them, you have to consider these useful tips.

Register and research

Before designing an application, you have to register as a certified Apple iOS developer. With this free registration, you will automatically gain access to the reference libraries and technical resources of Apple. (check this doc) However, if you are planning to develop iPhone apps and make them available for distribution, you will also need to sign up for one of Apple's developer programs. While your application is still in its early stage of development, you have to study your competition before investing heavily in your application.

This way, it will be at ease for you to learn how to make iPhone apps that will catch the attention of your potential clients. If the application you have in mind already exists, you have to figure out a way to improve your idea. However, if the market is already saturated with similar applications, you have to consider changing your entire concept to make it useful and distinctive. Search for up-going trends by browsing the Internet for top 100 iPhone apps. (check this photo) You also have to be familiar with the difference between opportunity and over-saturated markets.

Always be familiar with the highest-selling applications and see if you could develop applications that are somehow similar to them yet better than they are.

Design icons and name them right

The hardest task in learning how to make iPhone apps involves the need to come up with a catchy and concise name. You only have to seconds to catch the attention of your visitors and encourage them to learn more about the applications you have designed. (slides ) The app name and icon are valuable marketing assets, so you have to take your time in designing icons and coming up with catchy names for your applications. Although you can try emphasizing its great features in the app descriptions, most people are either too busy or too idle to read complete product descriptions. Aside from making sure that the icon you have designed reflects your application in a favorable light, you also have to provide your visitors with catchy screenshots. People are visual by nature, so you have to create screenshots that will catch their attention. This is important in learning how to make iPhone apps because your screenshots will be the next thing that your visitors will look at. They also have a great effect on the purchasing behavior of most Apple iPhone users so you have to design them in such a way that they could display the best features of your iPhone apps.

Decide on business models

Before exerting all your efforts in designing icons, coding iPhone apps, and hiring copywriters or programmers, you have to learn how to make iPhone apps based on a realistic business model in order to increase your chances of earning more profit. If you are planning to launch a simple application that looks like other apps on the store and offer them for minimal prices, makes sure that everyone with the similar app has sold them successfully. If you want to design a free application and rely on advertisements, you have to make sure that your buyers will keep on using your app or else you will not generate enough profit. These are only some of the utmost important things you need to remember before creating iPhone applications . Once you have taken care of these things, you should also promote your apps by writing press releases or submitting short write-ups to article directories. Always remember that learning how to make iPhone apps and how to earn profit from them are completely different issues that you have to focus on.

How To Create An App Without Coding For Free

MobiRoller is an advanced and practical mobile platform that enables anyone to create an app without coding for free and make money with them. All the apps are native and compatible with iPhone or Android and iOS.

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