Wearing / Lana Blazer By Monki.

Perfect Long Blazer: Monki.

It was sold out online, and there was no chance in hell it would still exist in their stores in Gothenburg.
And there's no Monki store located in Borås, yet. But we are waiting, patiently.

But now it's there again, hanging in Monki's online shop. I couldn't resist so I ordered it last night. 
I've had my eyes on it for quite some time now.

This goes with everything. Combine with different garments, textures, colors, details.
It's one of those never-goes-out-of-style-pieces you must have in your wardrobe.
Though the material is sheer and neat, you can wear it under a longer coat or a motobike/leather jacket.
And when spring comes and the temperature rises, it's all you need.

And talking about Monki! Who doesn't love it when they decide to have a few days of free shipping?