Self / Emelie Celestine.

To show that I am here, I exist.

1. I love to play with makeup. When I do and the result feels more than fine, I truly feel like an artist.
- Makeupartist for career.
2. Born, raised and currently living in Sweden.
- My heart belong else where.
3. I love to express myself with words, and to write. I'm planning to take classes in journalism.
4. Fashion to me is sort of a movement. Never the same. A work in progress.
- Your whole being is a work in progress from the minute you are born.
5. I have one dreadlock in the back of my head, and it's self made.
6. I am tattooed. A roe deer is blessing my left thigh.
7. I have only been to Finland and no where else. So my adventurous side is starting to get hungry.
8. I divide things in what I love and hate. I need clear contrast in life.
9. I'm not sure if I have ever been insanely, ridicoulously, in love with someone.
10. Minimalism is something that found me months ago.
- Less is more.