Daily / Alexander Wang x H&M.

My words a limited edition right now. I am excited about this collaboration between H&M and Mr. Wang.
Great news. I've been reading a few articles to find out more and this is huge!
I love the whole collab-idea that H&M has going on. Not everyone can afford expensive designer clothes.

Otherwise, my only plan for today is dropping of two bags of clothes to a local thrift shop. (Emmaus)
I just ate a few banana pancakes and oh, what a delight. All you need is one mashed banana and one egg.
And a little pinch of salt.
I'm trying to cut down on dairy product (especially milk and such), because I'm trying to go Vegan.

TOMORROW I'm beginning my internship at Bubbleroom.com! It's only for a couple of days,
but it's going to be amazing and lots of fun.