Daily / Mimosa O'clock

Back in Korea since the middle of june and I want to share a brunch place that I found earlier this week called The Royal Food and Drink. I will let the photos speak for itself. I went there on a brunch date and I will share what we ordered.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 10:00 - 18.00
Saturday to Sunday 10:00 - 20:00


37 Sinheung-ro 20-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

The easiest way to get there is by bus, but it you're not as lazy as me when it's around 30 degrees, then a walk could be preferable.

The order
- mimosa x 2 (10.000 won each)
- cappuccino with soy milk (5.500 won)
- royal breakfast plate (17.500 won)
- vegan tempeh hummus sandwich (13.500 won + 3.500 is you add avocado)

On the 3rd floor there is a photo spot and an amazing view. But we decided to sit at the 1st floor because of the AC. When it comes to the sandwich, wow, it was perfection. The portion is large. I barely managed to eat the entire thing. This is a place I would love to visit again, especially if I crave vegan sandwiches, because there are two options. I wish there was a pancake plate on the menu. That's the only thing I felt was missing. When ordering food, it is 1 item of food per person and you can sit at the resturant for 2 hours.


Daily / Snapshots From Rhodes

Had a vacay down by the mediterranean with my best friend. I miss it a bunch. Here are a bunch of snapshots. It was a lovely first time at Rhodes. The vibe during the day was completely different by night. I fell a little bit in love with this island. I was relived that there was plenty of vegetarian options in resturants, we were close to the beach on the west and east side. What a dream it was.

A giant cactus / Acropolis Rhodes / Beach

Me / Avocado toast at Piazza di Rodi / Another beach

Bestie in Acropolis / Random shot of a beautiful house / Cute alley in the city of Rhodes

A day at the Elli beach with friends

Colors / Amaretto Sour & Sex On The Beach / Just me

Acropolis & Tzatziki

Coffee at a vegetarian/vegan café, Ono / Just another photo of me / Pretty building


Daily / Back In Sweden

1. Blessed with sunshine in Göteborg 2. Looking happy and green next to a blossoming tree 3. Fresh flowers

1. HAGA - wonderful area.

1. Bar Bruno with a friend 2. Me + my favourite coat 3. Just something to add to the spring feels

Returned to Sweden about a month ago after a pretty long, but great stay in South Korea. Here are a few snapshots from the last couple of weeks. I am mostly trying to study because I am a bit behind in my courses this semester, but there is still time to complete them.

Actually I am going back to South Korea again, in about 6-7 weeks so it's time to begin another visa process and firstly prepare all necessary documents, vaccine shots etc. The ticket has been bought and the depature date is 18th of June. This time I will go to South Korea on a working holiday visum. My main plan is to apply to language classes at Sogang University and look for a part-time job, preferably at a cafe. I feel that my korean vocabulary is good enough for that work enviroment, and the cafés are an aesthetically pleasing dream in korea. I will make a little café guide for you in a little while.

I am always going back and forth with writing in Swedish and English. This might be the last post in English for now.