It becomes difficult to style outfits for the season coming when you live in a warm and tropical climate. Cute sweaters, thick jackets, coats, boots, etc. are all pretty non-existent here. Actually, they exist but it's no use to wear them here in 70-85 degree weather. We're also very careless in how we dress meaning we are not a fashion mark in the world. Hawaii is known for being casual, dressing down, and walking in slippers, shorts, and a tank top. My friend Kathleen and I took a Saturday to adventure, dress up, and relieve some stress. I came up with just a few outfits to tie in how "fashionistas" in Hawaii can hopefully gain some inspiration from...maybe. No matter the weather, we can still style outfits for whatever the season it is.

3 outfits, 3 different locations

Outfit #1

I wore a sleeveless turtle neck (yes, my photo is flipped because somehow, sometimes you just look hotter when your photo is flipped lol) I also wore a maxi skirt and some slip ons on my feet.

My entire closet wardrobe is mostly Forever 21 for affordable fashion. I seriously don't know how other college students have enough money for high end, more expensive fashion, and items in general but hey, one day. Of course jobs are essential but BILLS are critical. Ugh! Haha

This day was pretty HOT. .

Outfit #2

A maroon, silk material romper, a furry sweater (again, HOT weather), and some high heeled boots.

Outfit #3

A halter, crop top, palazzo pants (my FAVORITE), and some black heels.

Again, if I wore these outfits in a more public area in Hawaii during the day where it isn't common, I would be judged for dressing up so "fancy" but I don't really care. 

"Get up, dress up, show up, and never give up"

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I've recently welcomed the SONY Alpha 5100 into my camera family! I am not a photographer so this review will mainly be what I think of it so far. After carrying a Canon T5i around, I wanted a small, compact, but powerful camera to carry with me on every adventure I went on. As you can see, I chose the camera in white. It also comes in black and silver. Obviously, I enjoy clean, sleek, modern, and minimal looking things so I chose white for its aesthetic. After countless reviews of the Canon G7X, Olympus, and the SONY A5100, I settled with the SONY A5100. There are countless cameras in the SONY Alpha series so if you're on the look out for a new baby, be sure to do your research about what you want in a camera.

These photos were taken by my Canon T5i.

The camera has a number of settings that allow you to become flexible with your photos/videos. I just have the 16-50mm kit lens for now but am soon getting a more sharper lens for better portrait photos. I was mainly interested in the aperture and F-stop settings and bokeh being in my photos.

As I progress more and more into photography and not just taking photos of myself, this camera is ideal for beginners. The specs make it wonderful to work with. It also has interchangeable E-mount lens which allows you to switch to any lens that falls compatible with the camera!

The camera also has a 180 selfie screen which is perfect for vlogging or taking selfies. It even captures flawless videos. This camera has one of the fastest auto-focus ever. The one pro I have so far is that the battery drains quickly and it overheats after a certain amount of time. Other than that, I am in love!

I can't wait to use this camera more and more!



I recently bought two new sunglasses from - Alexandria.

They had a free promo where the sunglasses were free and you only had to cover shipping expenses. I got The Mirrored Feline in Rose Gold (originally $49.99) and The Retro Steam in a silver frame with black lenses (originally $59.99). Great marketing strategy if you ask me. Who knows if those really are the original prices that they just marked off so people would by them but any how, I was sold. For the two, I paid about almost $20 which I think is not bad. Unfortunately, due to a big head, The Retro Steam sunglasses did not fit as you can see in my sad faced photo. I will probably give them away but I definitely love the style. I have yet to find sunglasses with rounded frames to fit my large head.

The Rose Gold sunglasses fit perfectly and I am absolutely in love with them! I'm in love with sunnies that are big! These are Perfect for any outfit and pleasing to the eye. They also have big frames and are highly reflective. Super stylish! They also protect the eyes very well. Go get yourself a pair of these!



Growing up, I have had many dreams. I've been dreaming big since I was a little girl - you have no idea. Dreaming of myself in this alternate world where i'm actually living my dreams is something I do till this very day. As a five year old child, I adored singing and it became my first love. Songs such as My heart Will Go On and singing songs from my then Filipino Idol, Sarah Geronimo kept the dream alive. Over the years, that dream has not died but has become something I stopped dreaming of wanting to become. I've always wished for proper vocal training and singing lessons but never really had them. Youtube became my teacher and now although I feel as if my voice is stuck, I have become a fairly decent singer with a decent range but can be immensely improved. I now sing leisurely as I have lacked the opportunity to practice my most favorite thing in the world due to living situations and thin walls, and basically not having anywhere to practice. Also when I was in middle school, I became interested in the world of YouTube and began creating my own videos and got familiar with video editing. I never really pursued YouTube until now. I watched OG YouTubers who are still popular today such as Jenna Marbles, Michelle Phan, Nigahiga, etc. I also used to watch Kevjumba, Happyslip, Pursebuzz, Michael Buckley, and so much more.

Haven't you ever wondered why dreams and wishes are placed in your heart for so long? These days, I have no idea what to do with my life not because the lack of dreams I have but because I have so many! A fashion blogger but no money to even thrift shop or to keep up with trends so I just stick to lifestyle blogging, a YouTuber but with no time because of the rollercoaster of school, work, other commitments, an actress but with no experience or practice, and more recently, becoming a big business owner. I have never thought of ever wanting to create a business let alone run a business so I really have no idea what came over me but now it's something I wish to do someday.

Recently, I've come across this business strategy called Network Marketing in a book I read titled The Business Of The 21st Century. Basically the book teaches you four major quadrants. The four quadrants are E (employees), S (small business owners), B (Big business owners), and I (investors). From a young age we are told to go to school to get a good education, get a good job, so that we can retire. So many of us do not have time or money and guess what quadrant that falls in? Quadrant E which are employees. People who are employees work for a "top dawg" person at the top of the chain. Is this you? Probably because this is me too. Many of us are stuck in this E quadrant mentality because we just don't know what we don't know.

I don't know about you but I definitely want more out of life than just a 9-5 Monday to Friday job. My days are pretty much already like that with school beginning at 8:30 or 9am and ending at 4:30pm each day. Talk about feeling like a robot. Many times we know the why of why we want to change our lives, all we need to learn is the how, that's where the challenge sets in. Many of us want to be free and have financial freedom. It's not just about how much money but what we can do with it and what kind of money we get. I just hope you all choose yourselves for the better future. Choose yourself. Learn. Grow.

What am I doing to make my dreams come true? I've been on a fitness journey since February of this year, i've started to consistently post videos on youtube and pictures on Instagram, and i've started this blog. I've also received the opportunity to learn how to create a cash flow debt free asset which is information to be earned. What are you currently doing to make your dreams come true?



Today, I was able to catch up with two of my good friends, Allison & Joanna. Ever since the semester began, I don't see most of my good friends around anymore due to some that have recently graduated and different schedules. I've missed having deep connections and deep conversations with my girls. We went to Islands which is a restaurant in Ala Moana and had dinner together. Okay... we had a dirty dinner but it was still tasty! It was my cheat day and my monthly visitor is here so I indulged in non-guilt food. Yum! There were musicians at the restaurant next to us so the vibes were sweet and we were just jamming along. Don't these burgers and wings look tasty?!

Cheers to the weekend!



I've got many things to share that I can't put into words to tell people in person, hah! I stopped blogging on wordpress and I don't know why. Beats me how I even found this blogging outlet but i'm going to try it out. This seems more European based which is pretty cool. I just invested into a new camera and i'm so excited to begin taking pictures and sharing snapshots of my life here! It's a little difficult to be creative with a blog name and I definitely want to change it in the future but for now, missleigh will do. It's so...unoriginal but whatever haha.

Anyways, a little introduction is always nice. I'm a 21 year old girl attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa which is a lush green campus and a pretty small college campus compared to all the other big ones on the Mainland. The campus is located in the heart of Honolulu on the island of O'ahu. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Maui and just moved to O'ahu January of last year to finish my undergrad. I'm a senior and have about three semesters left including this one. Boy, time flies! The fall semester has begun by the way and it has always been my favorite season. My birthday is coming up in less than two months! I can't cue the Taylor Swift song just yet!

Well.... now you've read a little about me. Can't wait to share more! Not that my life is exciting or anything because it really isn't haha After blogging for a few months on wordpress, I got lazy and decided that I wanted to revamp my blog and make it look a little more clean and minimal. This blog is currently a mess! It's okay though. It will be a learning process. A hui hou!

Enjoy my face! (lol) Ew.