Contrary to the popular belief that men are the only who are good at casino games, women gamblers are increasing in numbers. In both online as well as real casinos, today quite a lot of women are seen sitting at the same table as men and they are winning too.

With the increase in trend in online gambling, there are more women playing online than men. In the US and UK the changes in gambling regulations and laws and the increasing number of online casinos has resulted in more women playing blackjack and poker.

The main difference between men and women is that women usually learn the skills and master them in online casinos before they enter the real casinos and make a wager. Women no longer restrict themselves to just the home based card games and slots. There are plenty of women professional gamblers that are immensely successful. Though, very few women are professionally represented in the bigger tournaments, studies do indicate that women beat men in casino games. The biggest advantage that women have is their ability to hide their emotions. Women are also known to be excellent at detecting whether a player is bluffing or not which helps them a lot in card games.

The present state of blackjack has undergone immense changes. Casinos are no longer just for men, and women seem to have a natural ability and the skills that are required to master the casino games, whether it is blackjack or poker. In any casino today the number of women is more or less equal to the number of men at the table.

A few reasons why women have an advantage over men in blackjack are as discussed below:

  1. In any casino game a player is required to be able to handle different situations and actions simultaneously.
    Women are known to be better at multi tasking than men so they have an advantage.
  2. A good player would need to be able to disguise their skills and emotions.
    Women are known to be better actors and they know perfectly how to use their charm and skills to get an advantage over men.
  3. Women have the natural ability to detect when they are getting any unwanted attention and they have natural instincts to know when to quit and walk out of a game.
  4. Women can easily sense when another player is bluffing or cheating them. In quite a lot of cases casinos cheat the players. In such situations women are better at sensing it out in comparison to men.
  5. The biggest advantage that women have is that generally casinos do not expect women to win big, all their attention is directed towards men for sensing out card counters. Women can definitely make use of this advantage and make the most of it.



Hope, 27, was on the train on the way home from work when she saw a gambling advert on Facebook and decided to click on it. She'd abstained from gambling for a few months, but now, forty minutes in, she had once again blown almost an entire month’s wages. “Avoiding gambling temptation is impossible unless you give up all technology,” she says now, looking back. “Modern life for a problem gambler is like an alcoholic moving into a pub.”

For the estimated 500,000 gambling addicts in the UK – and many more “borderline problem” gamblers – it might be easy to sympathise with Hope’s predicament. When you start to look, you realise gambling adverts and offers are everywhereon the TV at all hours, across social media and the internet, in magazines, newspapers, on billboards, bus and train stations.

You can gamble on your phone, tablet, or laptop on your lunch break, late at night alone, in a meeting, having a pedicure, or out with friends – and the proof we are doing this lies in the numbers. The UK gambling industry has been estimated to be worth £7.1 billion, not including the National Lottery. And women – young, professional, solvent women are contributing a vast chunk of that growing figure.

The gambling industry’s recognition of the female market is a relatively new thing. With the exception of the National Lottery, and bingo, before the internet, gambling was an almost exclusively male pastime. Smoky betting shops crammed with men clutching a copy of the Racing Post were not environments that appealed to many women – and certainly not to young, middle class women. Moreover, gambling traditionally tended to focus on sports and activities that were once distinctly male orientated – horse and dog racing, football, snooker and motorsports.

However, according to the Gambling Commission, the internet has changed the face of gambling completely – and most significantly for young people, women, and specifically women in the AB economic category. They are gambling with greater frequency – and not just in historically female gambling activities like the lottery and bingo. Conversely, more traditional forms of betting like fruit slot machines, and dog and horse racing are on the decline, as is gambling participation of the over 55s, and the average number of activities undertaken by male gamblers.

A typical advert aimed at men either portrays the male gambler as a lone-wolf 007-ish figure or goes for the humorous banter associated with boozy stag weekends. The female-orientated gambling adverts however, focus on lifestyle choices desirable to the modern, social woman: fun, friendship, loyalty, independence and glamour.