Hello! Today I´ve picked out my favourite makeup challenges from the beauty community on youtube. So let´s go!

1. The mixed up makeup challenge. This is something I feel that everyone with a basic makeup collection could try out. The rules are simple, you pick out how many makeup items you would want to and respective parts of your face where you would normally apply them. You write paper notes with all the makeup items and out them in a bowl and do the sam with the "face parts". For example: mascara, eyeshadow, foundation, rouge, bronzer, lipstick as makeup items. And for face: eyelashes, eyelids, all over the face, cheeks, cheek bones and temples, lips.

And I think you can imagine how funny this will turn out. Or it could turn out a bit boring if you only get flattering mixes like lipstick-lips and so on.

2. The no mirror makeup challenge. Once again something everyone can try out. It´s funny especially if the person doing this normally does a very good makeup using a mirror but aren´t completely sure of their skills. I do think this works a lot better like a video challenge than a blog channel but what do I know. Maybe some of you beauty bloggers could make an epic post about this.

3. The highlighter challenge. Not something that will suit people with a small makeup collection or a makeup collection not containing many highlighters. But it´s one of the funniest types of videos to watch. And the results can be astoundingly beautiful. Especially when the person doing this is a highlighter junkie with a personal highlighting style.

4. The liquid lipstick challenge. A brand new challenge for those with a liquid lipstick obsession. Warning, the results may be terrifying. I would only do this if I was a makeup expert though since it would mean a total waste of product in other cases. This is by far the scariest challenge ever when it comes to makeup.

5. The 5 minute makeup challenge. A funny way to see just how able you really are to minimize the time for you makeup application.. Super funny but I do think this is a better idea to do on youtube than to try out as a blog post. But as always, that´s just my opinion.

​Will you try out any of these challenges? Because I will definately do the mixed up challenge and do a blog post about it. Stay tuned for that!

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​I look SO sleepy when being photographed, haha...

Top: A gift from my older cousin´s wardrobe

Skirt: A gift from my grandmother

Bag : Also a gift from my grandmother that she bought for me in Croatia

Ballet flats: Blanco

Hello! So yeah, this photo is from yesterday when me and my family were on a little mini vacation to a town in Finland called Ekenäs (Tammisaari) as well as a town called Hangö (Hanko). This is a stop on our trip when we visited a medievel castle and had a picnic there beside the lake. 

History is one of my favourite subjects in school so it was really fascinating. The castle was mostly ruins but still very well preserved. And having apicnic with the fam was so cosy!

But speaking of that outfit I do need to work on posing for pictures. But both the photografer (my sister) and the model were keen on exploring the castle rather than trying to get that perfect picture for about a half hour 😉 I like the outfit however. Nothing too special but relaxed and cute. 



​When your favourite youtuber upploads your favourite type of video 😍😱👍

I love makeup tutorials. The only con is that most of the products she used either are highend makeup or not available in Finland. In Sweden and Norway (?) I believe, they have this wonderful website Lyko.se where you can find almost every makeup and skincare brand you would love to try out. Sadly they don´t ship to Finland... 

Anyway I love how natural but yet popping this makeup look is. And I also love how Zoes tutorials always focuse more on her personal preferences and style rather than on extremly difficult and complicated techniques and trends. Go Zoe!



Hello everyone! Today I´m gonna answer some questions that I came up with myself. Feel free to lend them to your blog in original or translated version as long as you mention from where you borrowed them. Now, let´s get started!

1. Trech coat, biker jacket or bomber jacket. What´s your pick? Trench coat! Because I´m a "classy" lady 😉

2. What is the most common colour in your wardrobe? Black I suppose? But in all respect my wardrobe is fiiled with lots and lots of colours!

3. Are you more of a shoe or a bag person? Shoe person! I don´t really care for bags at all unless they are really special or a gift from someone.

4. What fashion trend will you never understand? The "letter" trend. Like having a shirt with just the letter "A" or "T" on it without any good reason. Like "Hi my name is Nea and I´m wearing a shirt with the letter B. Not sure why.

5. Are you a "shopaholic"? If I had any income I probably would be.

6. Dresses or skirts? Dresses. My favourite clothing even though I like skirts as well.

7. Do you have any fashion icons? Many. Some girls at school, classic stars like Marilyn Monroe, Zoella, Vanessa Hudgens. Anyone with really great style you know?

8. Are you more into basic clothes or do you like to take risks? I don´t shop for basic clothes at all and I take too big risks at times which is my biggest wardrobe problem ever.

9. Do you feel that your body type makes it easy or hard to shop for clothes? Why? Extremly hard. I´m not pluss size but I´m not the regular size either. So I have to search for clothes that are size L which are usually a bit tricky to find. Sometimes my jeans are size 40 but mostly size 42. Highwaist jeans shouldn´t we even talk about. Not to mention I was getting bigger and bigger and then I was allowed to get rid of some extra medication and boom. No more growing appetite. So yaeh I don´t know what to expect of the future....

10. Thrift shops. Yes or no? Yes AND no. Yes when I was a size S and made a lot of great bargains or yes when I´m in a big store. otherwise no because all the small clothes make me feel anxious.

11. What´s your best bargain in terms of fashion? A pair of loose highwaisted pants from H&M that will fit into my style even if I loose weight. They are in a beautiful khaki colour and gives a sofisitcated yet relaxing look.

12. Top three accesories! Sunglasses (for nearsighted eyes from the optician in my case), a backpack and a choker.

13. What was/will be/would have been your prom look? A yellow dress with a high polo like neck and silver details. Loose, curly, half-up-do hair and coral lips. Ballet flats, so that I could dance!

14.Would you ever consider buying something expensive like a Louis Wuitton bag or a pair of Loubotin heels? Depends on the prize. Minna Parikka shoes that are sold for around 200-400 euros or Jeffrey Campbell shoes? Definately. But designer shoes I really like and work as an everyday wear like sneakers or boots are probably as far as I would go. Nothing above 500 euros.

15. What is your style motto? Be yourself but don´t be a snob.

16. Swimsuit or bikini? Swimsuit. But bikini if I´m sunbathing.



Hello! Today I´m sharing some makeup style that I just think are lovely and feel like true makeup inspiration to me. Hope you like them as much as I do!

Nude pink smokey eyes 

This is a more colourful and fun uppdate on the classic nude smokey eyes makeup. I personally feel that this is more creative and flattering and I think that this would suit a lot of different eye colours especially grey eyes like mine.

Intense highlighter

Okay I´m not a big fan of the overused highlighter that is applayed like a streak of silver on your cheek. But an intense highlighter well applayed ina non "natural" and non "no makeup" way is just beautiful. It just makes the skin look so alive and fresh and dewy.

A classic red lip

​Why change a winning concept? Whether you prefer dark red, bright red or a lighter shade or matte or glossy lips there´s always a way to make red lipstick work. Even if you don´t want to use lipstick but prefer lip gloss or a tinted lip balm or chapstick you can still look god. Personally I´m a huge fan of the dark red (like the middle picture) not matte (like a liquid lipstick) but not glossy lips. 

What makeup trend inspire you the most?



I love makeup. I suck at makeup. Luckily quite many people have been in the makeup game longer than I have and as they go along with their makeup routine videos and tutorials you get some ideas on how to make the perfect eyeliner or how a liquid lipstick actually look when applayed. Whether these people are makeup artists or just beauty junkies with a lot of practice they certainly apply their makeup better than I do. So let´s get started with the tips shall we?

1. You can put a lot of products on your skin as long as you do it in small layers and let it dry before applaying the next. Yep, this may seem obvious but I struggled a long time (it was many dark years 😂) before I realised that my thick layer of foundation resulted in a cakey finish. Start of with primer. Let it sink in. Do some extremly light color correcting. Blend it out with a damp makeup sponge. Let it sink in. Put on a tiny bit of foundation and build it up as time goes if you have to. Let it dry. Put on some regular concealer. Let it dry. THEN you can think about putting a tiny amount of powder on your face.

2. A q-tip hack. We all know about the "clean up eyeliner mess" trick but you can also clean up your lipstick. Just go around the lips with a q-tip once the lipstick has dryed. You will have a perfect line.

3. Makeup setting spray. This seems to be the holy grail for people who like myself got oily skin. Because after the mattifying primer, the mattifying foundation, the touch up concelaer and last but not least the mattifying powder applayed all over your face it may look just a little bit "fake" and lifeless. Even with some bronzing and contouring and careful application. Then you just spray some on your face and it immediately looks more soft and dewy.

4. What to use when you don´t got an eyeshadow primer. It´s just recently that the importance of priming your eyelids before applaying eyeshadow has sunk in with the general population. If you do not however want to spend some extra money on a new makeup product you can always put some basic concelaer on the eyelid and powder it once it´s dryed.

Pics from We <3 It

5. There´s a difference between contour shades and bronzer. The idea of a dark contouring shade is to minimize some areas of your face. The goal is to create the illusion of a naturally slimmer face. That´s why you should use a lighter, more cooler toned shade from a contouring palette or a bronzer that fits in to that cathegory. A regular bronzer is supposed to make your face more fresh, sunkissed and "alive" if you get what I mean. Using a warm shade to carve out cheek bones e.t.c. will just look muddy, orange and weird.

6. How to make that eyeshadow and highlighter pop! Dip your brush in some water and shake of the excess. Then go ahead and start applaying that eyeshadow/highlighter with the damp brush. It will be more pigmented.

7. Brushes can be used for versitile purposes. Feel free to experiment. A blush brush may work for highlighter, the same brush maybe works for both foundation and powder, an eyebrow brush may be used as a liquid eyeliner brush...

8. You do not have to blend the foundation all the way down your neck. A small layer right beneath the cheekbone will do. So that no one can see where your foundation begin. On the contrary, it will be very obvoius if beige streaks show up on your white button-up shirt.

That were all my tips for you guys! What are your best makeup trick? Please let me know in the comments!



"a midsummer night´s dream"

Dress: H&M (bought on sale)

Sandals: Blanco

Hair accesoare: H&M (also bought on sale)

Bag: A gift from grandma bought in Croatia

On my lips: Shiny lip cream from a Technic palette and on top of that a babylips lip balm with a coral tone to it

Hello everyone! As you may or may not know we celebrate a holiday called "midsummer" pretty festively here in Finland and Sweden. (Don´t know about the rest of Scandinavia...) My family has always celebrated at home and this year my maternal grandparents joined us. I wore a beautiful dress in just that perfect pastell lilac colour. My hair is a "little" bit messy in the picture since I washed it just before we left and I didn´t have the time to let it dry. But who cares, my hiar is never neat anyway!

Did any of you celebrate midsummer in any kind of way?



Wow... So the first entry on this blog and the first entry I`ve ever written in English. But I think we should start off this blog "journey" by a personal presentation of the person behind this blog and by giving you a hint of what to expect of this blog.

I´m nineteen years old and have just recently started finding my personal style and started doing my makeup. Therefore you shouldn´t expect any high quality professional tips on how to do and not do makeup or take my makeup reviews too seriously. However personal style has always been a huge thing for me. So I will share this with you and hopefully you will find my blog helpful as well as interesting. I want to inspire people to dress the way they want and to not by anything just because it´s "trendy"

. I also feel that there is a consensus that you have to be skinny and an expert to be a part of the makeup and fashion industry or wahtever you want to call it. I want to offer something else. I´m overweight and can´t draw an eyeliner even if my life would depend on it. But I still feel that I got a right to share my passion over the Internet. Hope you´re here to stay!

​Expect an uppdate 4-5 times a week! 😘