ONE YEAR WORKING HOLIDAY TRIP TO AUSTRALIA: I have dreamed about this trip a really long time. Sounds incredibly good to leave all old to Finland and create new life to a new kind of environment and culture. I hope someday I have courage to do something like that and pack my back and just GO. Leaving alone is probably the most frightening thing in this scenario. Should not worry too much and just live day by day, happens what happens. Everything fascinates me in Australia. If you can and want to go there I think you need to stay there longer than a few weeks to see all that Australia has to offer. For me it's a place you go ones in a life.

1-3 MONTH TRIP TO USA (actually two times) MUST!!! You see the places everyday in tv-series or in the movies. It would be the dream come true if I would be able to travel all over USA by car with good squad of friends. I want to see both East Coast (New York, Miami) and West Coast (California) so this requires at least two trips to America. Also the county side (middle states) lifestyle would be interesting to see and experience. There is lot to see in the States and I wanna see all! Where to start?

ONE MONTH INTERRAIL TRIP AROUND EUROPE: Must go to -places are Amsterdam, Riomaggiore, Zagreb, Wien and Auschwitz. This is also one of the trips I want to do with my friend. (Emma! If you reading this....haha.)

ONE MONTH TRIP TO BALI: Totally different culture and nature, lack of internet, talks with people around the world, sunsets, sunrises, beaches, freedom, peace of mind, facing the unknown and exploring different parts of Bali. I think this would be very eye-opening trip for me.

all pics from weheartit.