Visit a national park

Have a picnic with your friends

Take a roadtrip

Gather seashells at the beach


Make your own ice cream

Go to a music festival

Swim in the ocean

Throw a dinner party

Write a letter

Plant something

Fly a kite

Go for an early morning walk

Sleep in a tent

Roast marshmallows

Visit a flee market

Go bowling

Explore your city

Make jam

Run through the sprinklers


Play soccer with your family

Watch the sunrise

Paint rocks

Pick berries

Play hide and seek

Read a good book

Make lemonade

Go night swimming

Create a seasonal music playlist

Make your own body scrub

Meditate outside



Trött & jävlig idag. Blir chill hemma framför datorn, kanske utgång ikväll om man orkar ✌



Försöker äta lite hälsosamt fram till midsommar haha. Innan man ska vräka i sig en massa... men jag har inga planer alls i år.

Vad ska ni göra? 😊



Im not a gardener at ALL! Haha. Trying to make these tomato plants comfortable but... I dont know. We'll see!
Today is a cold cold day here and ugh I'm not feeling it at all. Gonna make chicken and tomato/mozzarella salad I think.
Hope you have a better day than me! :)



Today has been the longest freaking day. I woke up 7.00 and I usually wake up around 11 so I'm soooo exhausted right now. Been watching the hockey game and.. jeez.
What a stupid game that was.



Terrific weather! Too bad I'm not feeling well, have caught a stubborn cold..
But that hasnt stopped me from enjoying the weather. Today and yesterday I've been *trying* to get a tan, inside of my house haha! On the floor in my hallway with the front door open 👌
I went on a walk this evening but it wasn't that nice because of my throat.. stopped at the shop to buy some ninja cola. First time tasting it and it was actually really good! I've tried some NOCCO drink before but I didn't like it, but this one was nice.
Now, Im gonna watch Biggest Loser in bed 😴 Goodnight!



Phone pic of the bonfire! Valborg this year was good, spent it with family. ✨