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Hi guys ❤

I thought in this post I would shear some photos with you from when my family was over for Christmas here in Australia. My mother, my sister, and my mother's partner arrived in Sydney on a Thursday, I took the train to the airport to welcome them all. I love airports, I always get so emotional being there, standing at arrivals watching everyone else greeting each other. Before my own family even had arrived I found myself hulking in tears watching everyone else in joy, mothers with their daughters, couples, young travelers hugging each. My family always are the last ones out, and by that time my body is about to explode of butterflies after not seeing them for so long.

Finally, I had them in my arms. We started our little trip to explore Sydney for 2 nights.

I decided to walk my family through Sydney's high scrapes of building and show them the city life, then head to the ferries to catch a boat to Manly where we were going to have lunch and go to the beach. I really recommend doing this while in Sydney as you get to see the Sydney harbor bridge, the opera house, and catch a boat that gives you a beautiful view of the city from a distance. Manly, is such a nice small town with their small boutiques and cafes.

We then flied to beautiful Cairns🌴

We did a boat tour for the day that took us to 3 different stops in the great berrier reef with a company called Silver Swift

Ofcourse we took a Christmas photo by the palm tree to send home to Sweden, Nathan wasn't very impressed.

Spotted some bats in the trees

Drove thru the mountains to explore water falls.

Found millaa milla waterfall

And Josephine Falls

We then flew back to Newcastle, where I live

Fed the kangaroos, that are living in the wild in Morrisset

Spent several hours on the beach

Sometimes we even brought Oscar for a swim, too cool down on the hot summer days.

And went horse riding in the rain forest.





Riktigt vackra bilder 😊
Tusen tack !
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