If you are currently in a long distance relationship, or have been, then I am certain you have heard the sentence "Long distance relationships never work out" or something like "It doesn't count as a real relationship". Pretty tiring hearing stuff like that from people, who have absolutely no idea what is going on in your relationship right? Well don't worry about what other people think. All you need to worry about is that you do believe in it, and you do want to make it work. Never let anybody determine what you can or can't do. Especially not when it comes to love.

That is what I adore about love. It has no limits, no correct answer and it can happen unexpectedly. The last adverb is certainly relevant in my love story. I met my boyfriend online back in 2011. I didn’t expect it to happen, and I definitely didn’t expect it to evolve the way it has. But I am glad it did. Anyway, I met him on a social networking app, and we started typing and skyping a lot. The more we talked, the more I felt like the two of us just connected in a special way. He is from Germany and I from Denmark, which of course resulted in some issues. How and when could I meet him? Would I still feel the same way if I met him? What if I didn’t? And if I did then how could we make it work? Luckily it all worked out eventually, and I met him for the first time in Copenhagen Airport. And I promise you, all the worries I’ve had disappeared the moment I saw and spoke with him. And now 6 years later, we are still holding on to our relationship which developed to a strongly committed love. We’ve been traveling back and forth to see each other as often as possible, and we are determined to fight for our love until we close the distance. Which will be soon btw. I literally feel like I have found my better half, and I don’t doubt one second that this will last. Through the years we have gone through so much together, and gotten to know each other in ways, that I believe can take years for some couples in a regular relationship, exactly because of the harsh situations we’ve been in and had to fight. Not saying that a regular relationship doesn’t have harsh times as well, just that the harsh times in a long distance relationship are different somehow.

Together we have faced a lot of adversity, and I was often affected by what other people thought. Eventually I got better in focusing on what really mattered. He mattered, I mattered, and our goals and dreams mattered. We are the ones, who knows what we have accomplished together, and we are the ones who knows our story.
When I tell people about our relationship today, I am faced with acceptance and admiration which goes straight to my heart.

So no matter what people say. Don’t let judgemental opinions stop you. Believe in yourself, face the adversity, embrace it, and allow it to make you stronger. I did, and I couldn’t be happier.

Sweet dreams❤️
- Kira