Top 5 Rejuvenating and Anti-aging Foods

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Healthy, shiny and tight skin can not only be the result of cosmetic salons! They are not just expensive creams and preparations. It is important for the body to incorporate ingredients that will regenerate, hydrate and provide vitamins and minerals to our body.

Although aging can not be avoided, a menu is the one that can help us in this case to keep younger looking skin longer!

Here is the list of 5.most effective and best food for Anti-ageing :

1.Flaxseed or Flaxseed oil

2. Carrots

3.Orange juice



▶️Flaxseed or Flaxseed oil Easy and tasty, you can prepare an exceptionally healthy meal so you can add linseed oil to fresh cow cheese, and add some chilli peppers. It is necessary to mix well all the ingredients so that they are thoroughly pervaded. This prescription is recommended for maintaining ideal body weight and good health.

▶️Carrot In addition to being very tasty and healthy, it provides a nice, uniform and durable bronze, so it's best to include it in your diet and choose some of the cosmetic treats on the base of this vegetable. Because spring only did not come to us, and with it and more sunny days during which it protects the skin.

▶️Orange juice except for health, orange is a very good natural skin rejuvenating agent. Orange juice softens the irritated skin, while the orange mask, for twenty minutes, rest your face and prevent wrinkles.

▶️Apple If you use an apple for outdoor use, it is also a true all-round miracle: it contains pectin, a substance that makes skin tissue firm, fruity, and tannin, which cleanses the skin and protects it from inflammation. When you apply an apple mask to your face, these substances will work intensively so that they will regenerate the skin quickly. A very refreshing effect will be achieved by rubbing circular movements with two half-apples on your face and decolletage.

▶️Almond of great help in this mission can be almonds, since they have anti-aging effect on the skin. Eat it for protection from the inside, but you can also massage the face (but the rest of the body) with almond oil - especially sensitive skin around the eyes that is prone to wrinkles and underarms.



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