with a new year in mind

I've been feeling unusually excited for the beginning of this year. I mean there's always a sort excitement when a new year comes along, but this time has felt a bit different. Don't get me wrong. There is lots of uncertainty in the air. Article 50 being triggered in March. Trump taking office as the next POTUS. But personally I feel ambitious. I feel focused. Ready to keep moulding myself into the person I want to be. Socrates once said:
"Be as you wish to seem"
And I'm committed to stop complaining and wishing that; "Oh I wish I was a person that does that" or "One day I want to be like her".  So 2017 will be a year committed to staying focused on my goals. And obviously we say things like this every. single. year. and nothing changes right? But this year I want it to be different. I need it to be. And I have a strong feeling it will be. Therefore I will write some of it here too and try to check in over the next year — monthly, to see if progress is being made. 
1. Finance. save receipts and start tracking my spending better.2. Health. stronger core, stretching and new personal bests on the racecourse.3. University. OSCE practise, efficiency. 
The tide had turned. Out with the old, in with the new. Lez do diz.