tour guide series: Helena X Finland

first few days

walking around town, seeing all the food markets, taking the ferry over to Sveaborg (which mind was super windy), trying to drink as much water as possible because this day was scorching hot, lunch at Eat Poké Helsinki, and then ending the day with some dear friends, celebrating that Titta made it into medical school!

after the initial introductions

I decided to bring Helena around to Löyly so Helena could experience the whole finnish sauna life, which indeed included sea swimming, after which we enjoyed the delicious fish soup and naturally of course the famous scandinavian cinnamon rolls. we also wondered around the Helsinki Design District to have a wonder into galleries and cute shops! Another roof top drink experience and met up with some friends to try the annual Magnum Pop Up shop in town.

a last goodbye

during our last day in Finland, I brought Helena to the national park in Noux, we did a speedy hike together with Anna & Lurvas, and travelled to another place within the park to the oblong lake where all the triathletes within the area gather to practise their swim and dipped our heads under water because 2018 was truly the everlasting summer in Finland


  • 2018