Seven Sisters

to finish off our lovely long weekend down south we dragged on our trainers, in the classic annamichelle spirit we have, and decided to head along the coast to hike along the Seven Sisters! I had been there once before but that was by car so we had to journey with bus which was so packed (on a sunday!? where these people were headed is beyond me... and yes there was a EF student group there ha). We got off a busstop earlier than I had planned, which meant our hike turned out 6km longer than planned haha (in total around 11km) but it was worth it! The weather was not optimal but it still did not stop us. We hiked those hills with determination and made it to Beachy Head right on time because a massive cloud of mist surrounded us and it would have been so scary to hike along that coast line and literally not see 5-10m in front of us. Safely inside the pub we had a nice sunday roast that warmed us up nicely and then we took the bus back into Brighton. All in all a very successful weekend with excellent company, glorious food and exercise - could you ask for a better weekend?