exam season 2019

after some well earned time spent at home it was time to fly back to reality and everything that meant. Flying through Heathrow meant that I had a cool flyby over London!

so not only did studying for OBGYN, paeds and GP finals start but we had such good weather so we sat outside and studied a lot too, just catching some vitamin D.

there was also a trial of the finest rosé wines lidl had to offer when we practised GP stations at the end of the evening

we managed to finish our last rotation of the year which was oncology! after which we had a couple of days of revision lectures and clinical skills teaching. my rotation group decided to go out for dinner one night with our supervisor which was really lovely and happy and made me feel very content being around such wonderful people.

in the midst of this it was time for the final years graduation ball! I was invited along to snap photographs of everyone having a merry time. this made me so excited for my graduation ball next year (bearing all things go as planned!) was such a good night and with so much dancing and laughter!

I can truly say that studying for these exams were like nothing I had ever done before and having such a long time when you had to keep motivating yourself was not easy, so I switched up my location a lot and the staff at our local café started recognising me

other things that kept me afloat was having fancy breakfast breaks in the sun

not to mention this fancy brunch we prepped for my friend's birthday before one of our group study sessions!

I also tried to continue doing some form of exercise during this exam period and I was going to these amazing 6AM boxing classes. really helped with the over-riding exam anxiety, I went with my really good friend at medschool and we really kept encouraging each other! not to mention all of the love island, wimbledon tennis and womens world cup that kept me grounded as well!

finally the day had arrived, the day before the first exam and I had taken to doing short walks to clear my head and level my soul, my choice of music was Beyoncé's Homecoming live recording from Coachella. if you haven't watched the documentary on netflix yet I strongly recommend you do. I for one enjoyed it thoroughly.

before both of my practical exams I went on a few short morning runs (blasting Beyoncé naturally) to calm my nerves before getting dressed and ready

also say hi to Sid our flat's study buddy

our last exam was a written one and boy was I glad for that to be over. obviously I dressed for the occasion but sadly the warm weather was not on our side! the relief of walking out of that exam hall was unreal, I couldn't believe it was over and I was so proud of myself for getting through this challenging time. post exams we celebrated with volley ball and drinks on the beach, we also ordered some take away pizza from Pizza Face and went out dancing in the night!

these girls have truly helped me through this year, so cheers for us to making it to the other side! post celebrations, packing up the flat was next on the agenda so a massive cleaning mission began, before I was able to board my plane back to the motherland

since I was flying with finnair I rewarded my hard efforts with some champagne up in the air and I enjoyed every bubble! this post has been messy and very long but it sums up my last month of 4th year really well and how I got through it! so glad it's over and that I now am allowed to enjoy my well deserved summer holiday