Bitter-Sweet 2017

I had a bitter-sweet 2017.
I started the year with the painful decision to leave my previous job and the children there who I adored so very much. The love that I received from them and from their parents was priceless. It was one of the most amazing feelings and I’ll never forget. I may not see them again but they will be forever in my heart.
I was lucky enough to seamlessly transition to a new job just around the corner in our neighbourhood. A job that allows me to work part-time, so I can study on the side. My new colleagues are jolly and very nice people. I couldn't ask for more.

I will never regret my decision to take the pre-course for university, which gave me the opportunity to meet new friends from many different cultures and backgrounds.

Also, this year I’ve been to countries that I never thought I would visit - destinations that were once only a dream.

Despite me often doubting myself, I am thankful that I managed to pass my exams so that I could enter my Christmas holidays stress-free!

I send my thanks to everyone who was a part of my 2017 and I hope you’ll be there in my 2018 too. To family and friends who lost a loved-one this year, I send you my hugs and comfort.

To my supportive hubby, who is taking his hobbies of brewing and fermenting to the extreme (the smell :-((( ), hope you stay the same. Don’t forget that you also need to cook for me, not just brewing! LOL

To my family & friends, I hope you had a wonderful year and that the one ahead of you will be better still. If you are far away, I hope our paths will cross in the new year.

For me it was a year full of blessings. I hope that I'll have another beautiful year ahead of me. More countries to discover and languages to learn!

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