On the 8th of June our little miracle arrived and we are absolutley in love!!

I have gotten so many beautiful messages and also a lot of the same questions, so I'd thought I will answer them here :)

How was your labour?

I will not go into detail about my labour as I didn't like to hear other peoples labour-stories when I was pregnant.
It was quite a long labour, as I was having contractions for a few days before actually giving birth, and it got me exhausted in the very end. I managed to almost push her out ( the midwife could see her head) before I asked to get some extra help, and ended up having a very sucessful forceps.
Pontus could only be with us for about an hour aftr birth and then I stayed at the hospital for two nights to recover and to get breastfeeding going.
So overall I am super happy about labour! ⭐️

Where does the name Fini come from?

My closest friend in Australia's (Ashlee) childhood friend is called Fini and ever since I heard that name I have been saying that if I ever get a daughter, I will name her Fini.
And thankfully Pontus really loved it aswell :)

How are you recovering?

I am so impressed by my body!! Just five days after giving birth I had lost about 10 kg and after 10 days I was almost back at my normal weight. And as soon as I am all healed and stronger I will get back into the water ( probably in a few weeks).

How much did she weight?

She was about 3,3 kg and is about 52 cm pure perfection 😍

When will you get back into the water?

Hopefully in a week or two as soon as I am all healed down there :) It will probably take me a few surfs before getting my paddle muscles back too. I even have a new board that I bought while pregnant that I havn't tried so I am so keen to get back into the water!!

I think this is the longest I have been without surfing since I started :)



Så fin hon är 😍 och allt hår, så underbart 🙏🏼