How to Dress Like Lily Bass

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Hello upper east siders,Hope your morning is as shiny as a spring new york sun.Today we are going to be deep diveng into the style of our beloved Lily Bass.The real It Girl of Upper East Side.She is one of my fashion icons and I always looked up to her ,wishing to be look like her when I'm in my 40's +.

Now it's been more than 10 years since the show was over,but it's aspiration is still here with us,even tho we were not the sam generation as them.That's how powerful the show was.Styling was amazing and it adopted to the characters very accordingly.I would like to analyze all the powerful girls of Upper East Side,let's start with Lily ❤️

From Lily attending to Posh events to Lily who runs errands around NYC.You will find exact or similar pieces down below,from the outfits of lily's that I like the most.

Hermes Kelly Bag

This is a must have of Lily Bass,so must be yours too if you want to dress similarly.Additionally a cute Kelly bag wouldn't hurt.Trust me it will change your looks and maximize the elegance if you want to spice your daily attire with a luxurious yet reachable piece such as a Hermes Bag.

Hermes bags are the number one piece you should add to your wardrobe if your style is similar to what we mention here


This next look is something you can play on a little bit.It seems pretty effortless yet easy to combine and find the right pieces.It somehow reminds me of Scandinavian style,so must look cozy and fittable in your daily life,that's for sure.

For my suggestions down below,follow the links to see similar products with reasonable prices.

Blazers and Oversize Jackets are a must in Lily Bass's Closet,so we will be looking at some good examples you can purchase to catch a similar outfit.

And Lastly her personal favorite, trenchcoats! A must Have of Fall Season which can make you look exquisitely chic on every occasion. Let's take a look at very reasonable-priced Trenchcoats you can purchase right away!

It was all for this post.I hope u enjoyed reading and found it helpful to find great pieces that are on the Stores currently.I will be back with other characters from Gossip Girl soon.Until then,take car xoxo Mia


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