VERY DRY SKIN. Rejuvenating.

2030. A high technology facial mask with vitamin C and dill. It stimulates collagen synthesis and provides greater elasticity for the skin.

This high quality cellular anti-ageing cosmetics.

It reactivates the skin thanks to the energizing stimulus on a cellular level.

Nourishing and anti-ageing action.

Who is this for?

Dry skin.
Unisex formula for mature and demanding skin types.


Coenzyme Q10 + Creatine: Doubles cellular energy.
Hyaluronic acid: 24-hour optimal moisturizing.
Bioavailable Vitamin C: Powerful antioxidant and natural protector.
Extraordinary nutritious, natural oils.

Active ingredients

COENZYME Q-10: A natural ingredient that transforms nutrients into energy for cells. It activates cell metabolism by stimulating the dermis and epidermis.
CREATINE: An intelligent cellular energizer which maintains an optimum level of cellular activity.
MARINE COLLAGEN: Marine moisturizer. It improves elasticity and reduces wrinkles.
HYALURONIC ACID: It moisturizes and redensifies the skin filling wrinkles from within.
ORGANIC SILICON: With facial firming properties thanks to the regenerative capacity of elastin and collagen synthesis.
VITAMIN C: A natural antioxidant and regenerating agent. It decreases oxidative stress and stimulates collagen production.
AVOCADO OIL: An ultra nutritious active ingredient thanks to its composition rich in vitamins and lipids.
SQUALENE: An active ingredient from plants with nourishing and protective properties. It restores skin moisturization balance.

Phases of application

PHASE 1. Keratolytic Gel with X-PRESSIN®. It eliminates the surface layer of keratin favouring the penetration of the active ingredients of subsequent phases and giving the face luminosity.
PHASE 2. Serum stimulates collagen production due to its high content of vitamin C and amino acids. Resulting in a more elastic and turgid skin.
PHASE 3. An energizing and anti-ageing serum with coenzyme Q-10, creatine, marine collagen and hyaluronic acid.
PHASE 4. A nourishing and energizing phase with an enriched texture formulated with coenzyme Q-10, creatine, organic silicon, vitamin C, avocado oil and squalene.
PHASE 5. VITAMIN VEGETABLE 2030. Facial mask with Peel-Off technology. Formulated with vitamin C, dill and seaweed extract for a stimulating and anti-wrinkle effect. Bringing luminosity to and redensifying the skin. It reaffirms, soothes and tones the skin with an intense cooling effect.
PHASE 6. A nutritious fluid emulsion based on coenzyme Q-10 and creatine.

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All about Eyelashes ..
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Engagement day


I never expect soo romantic Engagement ❤️
Everything was a secret ..
First we fly to Ilgar Family to Azerbejdzan just to meet them.
Ilgar plan this day all week 😂 its not easy becouse I like to controle all situations , but finally he take me & his sister on trip to Old town in Baku.

First place what Ilgar plan it was this romantic Tower with very deep history of two lowers ..
I just want to say that on this day was 36C 🌞 soo when we go more up & up & ... I was all wet hahaha
Soo wen we was on the hightes place on this Tower I just go breathe in first free pleace ufff....

It was soo many turist ther, on one moment I just heard the music 😳 I remember that I I turned up & then my lovely Ilgar comming on my way 🙈

I must say that I dont remember what he say !!!
I see the Ring & then I say YES !!!!!!

Of corse YESsssssss

OMG !!!! I just see that things on internet & well well ! It was me & he on that romantic moment ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I still cant believe
He didnt Engagement 5 years soo I was think that our moment gone & we will live as sambo all the time.
But he wait on perfect moment & he save a lot of money to buy for me this beautiful ring 💍❤️😍

Soo for all Lady's who still waiting .. make your together live happy even they dont Engagement becouse one day You will have your ring on the mystery moment of your live !

My Ilgar isnt romantic but this situation let me believe how important for him I am .

I love him with all my Heart & my ring to 😂😍💍

My best Holiday with lovely my future Family ❤️

- Baku Tower Engagement
- ice cream dessert in Old Town Restaurant
- Dinner & delicious Lovers Cake in Ilgar Family home

It was perfect Day on this Day ❤️

Thank You for all Ilgar Family & special Thanks for Him !

Im lucky women 😘
and Fiancee ❤️😍😘

Diamond 1.23 Ct HVS1
Gold 18K



The Maiden Tower is a Baku landmark,
a much loved symbol of the city and of Azerbaijan.
It looms dark and enigmatic,
looking out to sea from the southern edge of Baku´s old, walled city, the Icheri Sheher.
The origins of the tower are shrouded in mystery
- no-one knows for certain when it was built
or what it was built for or even how it acquired
its name Maiden Tower (Qiz qalasi).
No written sources survive that record its construction or original function.

Photo with Ilgar lovely and very patient Sister Ilhame 😘❤️
Thank You for all this time with us ..




Im super happy to share with You
our M&I Beauty comercial

Made by Professional team Jenna & Adrian
Thank You very much for this beautiful Video and great work with as

You are best team with productions !!!

M&I Beauty , ,
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email ,
Adress Hvidovrestråket 3c 19161 Sollentuna.




A great work made by Ilgar today !
Its just beginning
Step by step
1 session 3h

Ilgar you create amazing Tattoo


Poseidon TATTOO 🙌🏽

M&I Beauty , ,
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Hi guys !!!!
Saturday night was very special for
M&I Beauty


We work on commercial ..
It was soo fun
All girls was amazing !!!!
We love you all

M&I Beauty

Rosie - Frans stylist
Leti - Nails stylist
Ilgar - Tattoo artist (owner)
Monica - me
😀 (owner)
Kani - Hairdresser & MakeUp
Jenna - Frans stylist

M&I Beauty , ,
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My Love ❤️

Special Thanx for great Jenna team
For recording and directors



Hi my lovely's customers 😍

Today I want to show you step by step how I made
Permanent MakeUp
Full Lips & Eyebrows 3d

Pris Eyebrows 2.500kr +Lips 3.000kr
5.500kr ⭐️

I made some
🎥 also


My Client before the Treatment

Natural lip color fades with age.
Permanent lip color is a great solution to transforming sad lips to fun and sexy lips without
plastic surgery or fillers.
Reapplying lipstick and lip gloss throughout
your day is laborious.
With permanent lip color,
you will restore the beauty and life to your lips.

First the shape of Lips 👌🏽
Have to be perfect!
I use for this Red pen soo I can see better form.

When Im ready then I start with Machine .

After Lips Eyebrows 3d 😍😀

Eyebrow Tattoos:

Many have heard,
“The eyes are the windows to the soul.”
If this is true, then perhaps the eyebrows
are the eye’s window dressings.
Most people underestimate the importance of eyebrows and the overall effect that they have on your appearance.
Eyebrows frame your eyes and establish how other facial features are perceived.
Eyebrows can give you a more youthful
appearance and balance your appearance when properly designed.


Sola inte pa 48h.
Var EJ alkohol eller drogpåverkad.
Meddela eventuella sjukdomar så jag har möjlighet att ta ställning till om behandlingen kan utföras.
Är du känslig så bör du göra ett färgtest som läggs i armvecket under 24h.

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Permanent MakeUp
Eyebrows 3d

Before my customer had also Eyebrows 3d
from some other studio

I fix the lenght & form

Color become lighter & Eyebrows will get better form also about 4-6 days after the treatment 👏🏽👌🏽

Her Eyebrows will have Brown Color . toys 😍

M&I Beauty , ,
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Shellac CND is amazing
I really like to work on all this products.

Today I will show you client who come
for återbesök Shellac CND

It was 4 months ago when I see her last time .
As you can see all Shellac still on her Nails

.. now turn to remove old Shellac color

Done 👏🏽👏🏽
Time for Color !!!

Shellac CND 500kr

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