It's a cold, rainy night. I feel the bones in my body shaking and screaming: GIVE US HEAT!! So I did and went to Alex Sushi on Akers brygge in Oslo. High quality sushi is on a boost at the moment, thank god we're not forced to eat that old thing they served in "sushi bars" anymore! Because what was that (and still is..)

I used to live in Oslo, but I never had the time (or money) to come to Alex Sushi. So I knew about this place for a long time and was really looking forward to have their Omakase. The restaurant is located on Akers Brygge in Oslo, this is considered one of the most fancy and expensive places to live in Scandinavia, wich brings guests that have some money to spend. The restaurant could easily be just an expensive sushi-bar and get away with using bad produce and serving half-decent, but pricy wines. BUT! Luckily they're focus is truly on great products and great wine. For example they had a norwegian yellowfin tuna on the menu, prepared as a sashimi with a spicy chili sauce. Simply delicious! The next course was a sashimi with norwegian salmon, Hamachi and Halibut, served with a truffle sauce. In my glass there was a sweet and fruity Riesling wich complemented the dishes in a great way! 

I wish that the chef's could be a bit more open towards the guests to explain in person to you what they serve. The waiters are doing a great job with this, don't get me wrong. But there could be a better balance in this. Another little thing I thought about was the usage of wasabi-powder and not wasabi-root. It would bring the standard up but a mile. The reason is quite understandable as wasabi-root is priced around 500 Euro per kilogram.

If you guys are ever in Oslo, go to Alex Sushi and just enjoy the warm and comfy vibe of the place. And the food won't disappoint you! But don't expect anything truly revolutionary.

FOOD : 7/10

SERVICE : 8/10

VIBE : 7/10


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Copenhagen, the metropoly in nordic gastronomy, the shining star and probably the largest source of of insperation for chefs in scandinavia. We went on another adventure to a restaurant on the Top 50 Best list.

I went down to Lund in Sweden where a couple of friends study at the university. They came along with me over the bridge to Copenhagen. We had a great day walking around the city, eating our selfs through the streets allover town. We started off in place called Manfreds opposite to Relae, we had some cheese and great wine.

A couple of steps down, you arrive in to Relae. The smell of broths and fresh baked bread is filling up the restaurant. It's 9 pm on a friday and the atmosphere is energetic and quite alcoholic. We got taken care of straight away and got our table for four in the corner. It started of with a very nice consume of bread, anchovies and cream with fresh cucumber to dip with. Delicious! Then the bread came in, wich was baked in house and really amazingly done, one of the best loafs I've tasted, served with just some olive oil. The dinner developed throughout the night, but we had mixed feelings about the next couple of courses. It was a total of eight dishes, the highlight was a butterpoached cod-cheak with cauliflower "cous-cous" and a cream with bergamott in the bottom. This dish was in perfect balance and really fresh for our pallets. The low point of the dinner was a blueberry ice-crumble with a raw mushroom ice cream, it was completely lacking sweetness and flavor, only tasting ice and mushroom.

The service was warm and welcoming, but with some of the waiters were unfocused and had a lack of passion when presenting the dishes.  

Overall this experience was good, but we would never thought it was nr. 45 on the 50 Best list if we didn't know. They took it a bit too far with not really considering taste and balance, but focusing more on being original and new. Sometimes you just have to keep it simple and delicious.

FOOD: 7 / 10

SERVICE: 8 / 10

VIBE: 8 / 10


- Cucumber with consumé of sourdough bread, anchovy and cream

- Parsnip, olives and broth

- Cheak of cod, cauliflower cous cous, cream of bergamott

- Grilled sallad, hollandaise, shaved egg yolk

 - Sweetcorn ice cream, dried sweetcorn, dried popcorn.



I have been longing for this experience since may. Me and my good friend Fredrik went to Alba in Italy to have dinner at the Three Michelin Star restaurant Piazza Duomo. 

We had a great couple days in the Piemonte district ofItaly. We stayed at some different vineyards in a little village outside of Alba called La Morra. There was vine ranks on steep hills, fresh basil growing in the garden and the grandma was making fresh pasta in the authentic italian kitchen. That picture you've got in your head right now, that's exactly how it was! Super romantic atmosphere (for a while I wish I brought my newly found love instead of my manly friend Fredrik).

We had a fantastic dinner at Piazza Duomo. The restaurant is currently placed nr. 27 on the top 50 Best Restaurants, wich was also the main reason why we went here. 

Chef Enrico Crippa took us for a tasting adventure. We went with the big menu of 11 dishes. But counting everything up there was 26 different dishes, although some were placed on the table a the same time. 

We had expected an experience with experimental flavors and interesting tecniques. We were surprised with two things. One of them being that it was very traditional flavors in a new take, for example the risotto was an explosion of clean and simple flavors of basil and tomato. We thought that a restaurant at this level would be really challenging and maybe slightly confusing for us as guests, but we could really understand and appreciate every bite of every dish, really! The other thing was the very relaxed atmosphere in the room, the waiters moved simultaneously like they were on a stage performing a ballet. It was great to see that level of professionalism. 

BUT why didn't they give us a warm napkin for cleaning our hands?? we had to go to the bathroom and wash our hands straight away, as most of the amuse bouche was eaten with our hands. 

There is just so much to say about this whole trip but that's it for now. 

​FOOD:  10 / 10

SERVICE:  10 / 10

VIBE:  8 / 10


Ciao amici! 

Piazza Duomo - 3 Michelin Stars

- Basil Sorbet, Nori Covered Pak Choi

- Basil Sponge and Langoustine, Peanut Crisp, Fruit Cream Covered With Mandarin Foam

- Fake Olives, Golden Bread, Nori With Ricotta

- Eggs And Eggsalad

- Mackerel, Sea Bass and Powdered Herbs and Langoustine

- Grilled Squid with Vegetables and a Grapeseedoil Soup

- Venison, Charcoaled Onion and Vegetables

- Basil and Tomato Risotto (best risotto ever)

- Wild Rabbit with Parsnip

- Lynchee Sorbet, Banana and Rum

- Strawberry and Basil Sorbet, Meringues with Mango and Raspberry coulis, Latte Milk, Truffles

- Dessert Rose, Hazelnut crisps with a Nougatcreme and Fruitcreme