This programme enables you tobuild a culture of professional development in your company.  The aim is to provide you with the confidenceto guide your team members to build their own career goals and motivation to achievethem. You will learn about motivation levels of your team and identify ways ofencouraging them for professional development. You will use a coachingmodel to help your people reflect on past performance, identify positivesand negatives, assess present performance and help them set clear goals for thefuture.


By the end of thisprogramme you will be able to:

-  Understand the concepts and importance of careerdevelopment

-  Understand the career ladders available in yourcompany

-  Understand different motivation levels of peopleand what makes them tick

-  Use a 3 step model to lead a career discussion

-  Help with a personal SWOT analysis

-  Appreciate different people and what motivatesthem to grow

-  Use the coaching GROW model for setting goalsand objectives

-  Make available the resources which your companyoffers in career development

Career Development – Using the MBTI® Instrument

This programme uses a personality profile which enables youto build an accurate career development plan. It is an MBTI® ApplicationProgramme.