Ok guys, so i’ve been thinking about making a “Vaca Guide” which means, that every time i’ve been in a new country or city, I will make a guide to the absolute best stuff i have seen, tasted or experienced there. I have just been on vacation, so I thought it would be the perfect timing now, to make my first blog post. I hope you enjoy.

A week ago, my boyfriend and I were in Paris. I’ve never been to Paris before, so it was a great experience. Anyway, one morning my boyfriend and I skipped breakfast at the hotel, so we went out to get some. We looked at our map, and found a café named LouLou’ Friendly Diner. I usually don’t eat breakfast like bread, cheese, eggs and all the stuff they put on a brunch plate… BUT THE BRUNCH PLATE WE GOT THERE? That was absolutely amazing. It was nothing like a brunch plate in Denmark.

The brunch was filled with bacon, fried mushrooms, baked potatoes (tasted like chips, and that is my absolute favourite snack), spinach, arugula, eggs, a little sweet cake and a small bowl with smoothie in the middle. I have literally never tasted something so good as that, in my whole life.

So… If you guys are ever thinking about getting a brunch in Paris, I would recommend LouLou’ Friendly Diner, it’s just the perfect breakfast and they have a lovely staff!

Synes godt om


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