I find it rather comical that my last post here was me apologising for being absent for so long and how i intended to post more and what not. Yet, as soon as that post was made i vanished again for almost 7 months. I don't know who was hit more by the small break from my blog, myself or my mum!

The time I've been away has been an odd one. It's been life changing if anything, within my university life, home life, work life and life within myself. It has been an up and down journey full of loss and gain, of which I am in ways most thankful for.

Taking time away has made me realise what i really want from my blog. The directions I want it to go down, what i want to gain and what i want to give to any readers. Throughout my time away i have read a tonne of books, watched a tonne of Netflix series, tried a tonne of new beauty products and made some new Gluten Free discoveries all of which i'm going to moan and groan about to you all. So, for my newest blog post i'm going to tell you about my recent favourites in all of these categories!

I know i've said it before, but this time it's the truth. I WILL be here more!

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Hi, hey, hello!

I haven't updated this for a hell of a long time. I seem to do that with diaries too. I swear I'll stick to it, make a few good posts then just forget it exists and let it spiral out. I haven't forgotten my blog had existed however! Life has been pretty damn hectic at the moment. I've been working, on film shoots, attending festivals, raising my kitten and many other things I'll probably soon write about!

This is just an update to say I will be back here! Starting this weekend I'm going to begin writing again. I have many ideas in store ranging from a full glossy box update to Eating at Festivals with Ceoliac, a post i'm very much looking forward to!

So, I'll get back to my planning!

Until next time.




Hi Again!

This post is a little different compare to my last but will be in a section of my blog which is rather personal to me!

If you have read some of my blog posts before you will know I have Celiac Disease (or Coeliac, however you want to spell it) A stupid disease where my small intestine is hypersensitive to gluten leading to a difficulty in digesting food. It's pants, it's stupid and I hate it an awful lot, but it's easy to live with once you know what to avoid. Gluten can be found in bread, pasta, cake and biscuits. However, Gluten is hidden in some of the most absurd places ranging from sauces all the way to cosmetic products, not all gluten containing products are edible!

When I was first diagnosed with Coeliac Disease I found it so so hard to avoid Gluten resulting in me still having these awful attacks and side effects no matter how much I tried to avoid it. This is why i have decided to create the "Gluten Free" section of my blog to hopefully help any fellow Gluten Free person avoid the evilness!

So, firstly, I'll start with food based hidden gluten things!

Soy Sauce - Soy Sauce is the biggest hidden gluten ingredient. When purchasing foods with Soy Sauce I don't think i have ever found a product stating that it contains gluten? This is the most annoying thing as I have been purchasing foods with Soy Sauce in them thinking I will be okay with them further resulting in me being in pain. Soy Sauce can be found a lot in Asian Cuisine. It took me a while to find out exactly what it was that set me off when eating Chinese food but then i found out it was in fact Soy Sauce. (i'm saying Soy Sauce far too much aren't I...) Fear not though, there is a way around the wretched gluten! Apparently, according to the internet, there is such thing as gluten free Soy Sauce that you can purchase in most super markets! So, instead of using the local chinese, create your own! Not only will this be a hell of a lot healthier than ordering a take away it will ensure you're not in pain! Definitely a safer option! Another ingredient that has similar properties and again contains hidden gluten is Malt Vinegar.

Gravy and Sauces are another dark horse hiding away the gluten. A lot of gravy's and sauces contain flour as a thickener. Stupid but true unfortunately! Flour is a very cheap and easy way to thicken a sauce in bulk. When it comes to cooking your own gravy you can in fact buy Gluten Free flour. This is made from different grains such as corn and works in the exact same way as the average flour.

Processed Meats are also a huge bane to Gluten free lives. These include sausages, meatballs, meatloaf and hamburgers. When being made, all of the products have breadcrumbs included to bind the ingredients together. Gluten free bread is available at every super market now meaning you can access these to create your own food. Lidl's meatballs are all gluten free, including corn flour to bind the meat together. Gluten Free sausages and burgers can be found at Tesco's and Asda, both of which taste just the same as the "normal" versions.

Something i've found exceptionally useful is looking for Gluten "code" words, things of which will help you to cancel out products on restaurant menus. Words such as "Fried" "Coated" "crispy" or "coated" usually contain gluten or have been deep fried in batter. I stupidly made the mistake of buying "crispy" chicken pieces once when out with my family only to be met with deep friend KFC like chicken. So, keep an eye on how things are described in restaurants!

When it comes to Gluten, it isn't only found in edible products, it can in fact be found in some every day products. Some of the ones I discovered when doing some research for this blog absolutely baffled me as they are never marketed in a way where it is obvious that they contain Gluten!

Suncream and Aftersun was the one that baffled me the most. Apparently some suncreams contain ingredients derived from Wheat. Suncreams contain Vitamin E which is rather protecting. Vitamin E is derived from Wheat Germ Oil further including forms of Wheat. There are some alternatives that do not include such ingredients such as Lush's Sesame Suntan Lotion (click for direct link) This includes many beautiful ingredients such as Aloe Vera which is very protective and soothing, softening Cocoa Butter, Protective Walnut Leaf Infusion and Sesame Oil. The suntan lotion is an SPF 10 which is very protective with regular application. Another brilliant suncare product from Lush would be their The Sunblock (click for direct link) which is a solid body butter. You use this in the shower before leaving for your day, gliding it over the skin to release the product. This suncare product has an SPF of 30 which makes it perfect for personal holidays. The product includes Calamine powder which is very calming and gentle on the skin. Rose absolute and Chamomile Blue Oil are both very balancing and soothing for the skin. Both products are Vegan and of course cruelty free!

Another shock of mine was that some Make Up contains Gluten. This again is from the Wheat and Barley extracts. Below are some make up brands that are Gluten Free! THANK GOD!

Bare minerals are entirely gluten free as well as cruelty free. They have a section upon their website which includes which products are gluten free as well as disclaimers warning users whether they can use them or not!

Too Faced are another company that do not contain gluten bar one product called Borderline Lip Pencil. Similarly to Bare Minerals, they have stated on their websites which products are safe for us to use and which aren't! And they are also cruelty free! BONUS

Urban Decay have products that do not contain gluten and push that if there are any concerns regarding products then contact their head office! They will inform you which products are safe and which aren't! Their staff in store are also trained for this! They too are cruelty free and similarly to Lush ensure that their suppliers are cruelty free also before buying from them!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics have gluten free and vegan lipsticks which are stunning. They have matte lip colours which range in all colours and are utterly stunning. Their entire line is also cruelty free which is perfect to add to an incredible line.

These are only a few of many brands that are Gluten Free, the list truly goes on and on and on! For more information on Gluten Free brands you can follow the link here to the "Celiac Disease" website! Not only does this include cosmetics but the website itself helps with things from foods to every day life.

I'm still going to investigate the whole hidden gluten trend and will do another post soon with my findings! I hope this is helpful to some! If anyone has any questions regarding Gluten Free things then feel free to ask and if you come up with any ideas you'd like me to investigate please feel free to comment!

Until next time! 





Last week i received my very first GlossyBox! I have been meaning to write this blog since I received the box however this weekend I had a small weekend break to London so have had no time whatsoever!

For anyone who doesn't know what Glossybox is, it is a monthly subscription service where you receive approx. 5 small sample products from top known brands. When applying for the service you create a small profile about yourself.`This includes your skin type, hair type etc. So, for example, my skin is rather oily however i have really bad dry patches too (which for the record is THE worst thing in the entire world!) As well as that, i involved my extremely dry hair all a result of years and years of bleaching!

After informing the guru's of Glossy Box about yourself you go onto the subscription services options. The options range from a monthly payment choice to a quick up front payment that will last you around 3 months to a year. I personally chose the monthly option as I wanted to experience one month first before deciding whether or not I was going to continue my subscription. The monthly billing falls at £10 a month along with the £3.25 shipping fee. In the long run the pricing is incredible taking into consideration exactly what you get in the box!

This being my first ever subscription services, i'm not going to lie, I was rather nervous! But upon receiving the box I was very very happy with what I got! Bare in mind these opinions are entirely my own and they may differ depending on who uses these products!

First of all the box is absolutely beautiful (As beautiful as a box can be anyway!) It looks exceptionally high end and after me dropping it so many times (sorry box!) it still looks absolutely fab! When you open the box the products are wrapped in a piece of pink tissue paper sealed by a black ribbon and Glossy Box seal! This again makes the product look so high end and posh almost! Okay so enough about the box and onto the products!

Luxie- Rose Gold Large Angled Face Brush.

The first product within the box was the Luxie Rose Gold angled face brush. The brush is a full sized brush with a pink handle and rose gold metal work. The brush is an angled brush PERFECT for contouring and though I rarely contour I decided to have a little try and the brush perfectly blended the contour. The bristles are extremely soft which helped the blend a lot. The brand itself is cruelty free and vegan friendly which is perfect! Meaning none of their products are tested on animals.

Hey Honey - Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum.

The fact this product includes Honey instantly crosses it out to my Vegan friends (I'm Sorry!) Similarly to Luxie, Hey Honey are a cruelty free brand meaning no animals were tested on upon making these incredible products. Of all the products I have tried from the Glossy Box, Hey Honey facial serum is by far my favourite. The product comes in a small squeezy tube containing around 15ml of the serum, however a tiny bit goes a long way! According to the information guide you receive with each monthly box, it says that a full size tube of the serum costs around £28. Though this price is in the higher end for facial serums it is sure as hell worth it!

The Hey Honey facial serum contains Honey and Bees Propolis which are two of natures most antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients. I found that the serum felt a little bit oily on my fingers when I did a little dip test? (if that's what you'd call it!) but as soon as i put it on my face my opinion chanced a lot! It soaked into my skin rather quickly and left me feelings really soft but still rather moisturised. As i currently use a moisturiser from Lush, i decided to try find another use for this product as I really enjoyed the smell and the feel of it. For the last few days I have been using the serum as a primer for my make up and i can honestly say it has worked wonders! Throughout the day my make up usually begins to fade on my nose, chin and forehead as they are my oiliest patches. Granted, i still have had a tiny patch on my forehead which has started to take it's usual victim and become all oily however regarding the rest of my face i have managed to maintain my make up for the day when using this product. Plus it hasn't clogged up my pores and caused spots like most primers i have used before! It;s fair to say i will be purchasing myself a full sized bottle when i have finished with this one!

Olay Regenerist - Luminous Skin Tone Perfecting Cream.

The Olay Regenerist cream is a perfecting cream originally made to fade the look of discolouration and dark spots.

Now, this cream is sold as a skin tone perfecting cream However when using it i can't really see any difference in my skin tone. Granted, the redness upon my cheeks and nose seem to have calmed down a little bit but not excessively. The smell of the cream is lovely! It smells very similar to most Olay products, keeping its infamous floral scent.

I decided to use this before bed last night after removing my make up. I used it instead of my moisturiser to see what effects it had on my dry patches as, according to the Glossy Box information sheet, it is promoted to hydrate, exfoliate and sooth the skin. Regarding the exfoliant part of this i can't really say my skin was extremely "exfoliated" as such but it certainly felt soft. The product sunk in rather quickly which I liked a lot as I HATE moisturisers that linger on the skin and make your skin feel heavy. The only downside was that the next morning after using the product my skin did feel a tiny bit oily/coated but my dry patches did feel a little more moisturised and not as sore as they usually do.

All in all I'm not quite sure how I feel about the product just yet as i feel it isn't a one time use thing and i'll need to use it a few times before getting a proper idea about the product. So, watch this space for an opinion further down the line!

So Susan - Light Diffuser

I'm pretty new to the whole contour game so when trying i still end up looking like I have some form of mud on my face! When looking for a contour kit I've started looking for something that is easily blendable to help aid my horrific make up application. So Susan are, again!, a cruelty free brand which makes me exceptionally happy! The bronze side of the contour kit works perfect as a contour as well as just a bronzer itself. The pigment is brilliant compare to some kits i have used. This being said it also blends really well, over all giving you a hollowed cheek look rather than a mud bath mess! The bronzer is also rather matte too which is nice.

The highlight side of the kit is also brilliantly pigmented. It acts as a brilliant highlighter as it has just the right amount of shine rather than the excessive shine most highlighters have! It leaves the cheeks, nose and forehead glowing rather than looking like a mirror! I have only used the kit twice and both times I have absolutely loved the product and felt incredible!

417 Shampoo and Conditioner.

​Regarding the shampoo and conditioner i have yet to try these, the reason being that my hair is in horrific condition and I am using deep conditioning treatments to keep my white colour as well as keeping it healthy so i will leave this review until i have used them! 

Over all I am exceptionally happy with my first Glossy Box. I certainly will continue to subscribe to the service as I feel it is a very good value for money. The products inside all work wonders and have been tailor made exactly to me which I love!

I hope this extremely long blog post has been beneficial in some way to all that read it, please let me know in the comments! Would any of you like me to continue this throughout the months to come? Let me know!

Until next time!





Before you delve into my little world of rambling rants, opinions and crazy adventures, I thought I would introduce myself and tell you all my blog intentions and categories. So here, for my first post, is a little introduction to me.

So, Hi! I'm Meg! I am a 19 year old aspiring screen writer and editor, currently studying a degree in Film-making at The Northern Film School. I will include a few posts from shoot days to show people the adventures I get up to throughout my time at the university! You can usually find me with my nose buried deep into a book, jumping around like an excited child at a gig or spending time drinking overly priced (but oh so good!) coffee with friends. I am incredibly obsessed with animals, especially cats! Speaking of which I am due to get a kitten within the coming weeks so expect many blog posts of my little furbaby!

I currently work as a Sale Assistant at Lush Cosmetics, a job of which I am utterly in love with. Throughout my blog you will more than likely find numerous reviews on different Lush products as, along with working with the products most days, I also use a large percentage of the products throughout my day to day life.

In my categories section you can see there is a "Gluten-Free" page. In 2012 I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder where the ingestion of gluten leads to damage in my small intestine. In simple it is basically a severe allergy to gluten which leads to numerous of awful side effects if i consume it (If you would like more information check out celiac.org) When I was first diagnosed with Celiac disease I was baffled by the whole situation and found it exceptionally hard to avoid any foods with Gluten in them. Even when searching the supermarkets they only had a small section of breads, pasta and a few plain biscuits. Luckily, gluten-free products have become a lot more popular now due to the juice plus craze and people turning to gluten-free products as part of their weight loss programmes, this has lead to more products being created without gluten in them making it far more easier. However, I thought it would be a nice idea to create a section on my blog for gluten-free recipies that i may or find, any new products i find or even any restaurants that finally offer gluten-free food. Some may read it and find this section a little out of the ordinary but when i was diagnosed i wanted just a little help so maybe, I could help someone!

I also have a big love for make-up and different beauty products. I enjoy finding new colours, looks and designs to create unique looks that are both natural and a little out there. I love finding high street priced products that can create high end finishes. High end looks without the high end price tag is definitely going to be my favourite part of my blog!

So that is a basic run through of me and what I intend to post here so, until next time!