For the past week I’ve been in a small town on the south-west coast of England called Bristol. It’s Quite unknown to most of the rest of the world but it’s a historically important town, and you can see that all over Bristol through monuments, buildings or just street names. Whilst I was there I went to a few of these places.

The first place i went to was the SS Great britain (top photo). Designd by Bristolian engineer Brunel, it was the first steam ship to sail to America. The ship is really cool. It is filled with maniquens and things to make you feel like youre a part of it. My fave part of the ship was probably the same as always, "The talking toilet". If you havent been there you wont proparly understand the whole joke but its deffinetly something to see. On the ship theres also a piano and i sat down and played for ages.

Brunel also built the bridge you see in the photo, "The Clifton suspension bridge" and every year loads of people go there to watch the Bristol balloon fiesta. But the bridge also represents the towns history. It is suspended above the river avon that leads into bristols slave trade ect.

The town mixture of different, both modern and classic, architecture styles and the urban vibe of the town make you want to find out and see more. The first example of this being Temple Meads train station. Bristol train station. And the second being Bristol university, famous for being the less intimidating Oxbridge. Both buildings have a Georgian style that you can find all over Bristol
The contrasting modern designs the place carry’s are represented in (for example) @t Bristol, a science museum located in central Bristol by the old docks now known as a place to take a “lovely morning stroll” but also the home to media arts. The boardwalk features places such as The Watershed. The Tobacco Factory And The MShead. All carrying a part of the towns history with them.

If you walk through the city center you can again see this contrast. The modern, newly built shopping center Cabot circus,is right next to the beautiful Castle Park And the Catheadrel school

Like ive mentioned before the towns history plays a very important part in how it is. Blackbeard was from bristol and the town was a pirate town. There are old bars and taverns around every corner. Bristol also played an important role in the transatlantic slave trade and the habour still shows that. for example the tobacco factory, that i mentioned earlier, was by the docks beacuse of the tobacco they brought. the town is also perfectly on the west coast and easy to get to from america

(Image on right is remi, my step dad and Left is one of his friends from the Malcom X Center) Today Bristol deffinetly dosent have the same vibe a town built on slavery would have. The cultures are mixed, there being alot of jamaicans there. And the traditions are amazing beacuse of this. I had the privalage of being a part of the Yearly Carnival, so many different people, foods and it was just something so exciting to be a part of.

I loved going to bristol and i cant wait to come back

oh and i forgot to mention Banksy. But i think we all know who he is. His work is all over bristol.



After visiting Bristol I took a flight to Kingston, Jamaica. It was really long but it was alright.

When i was in jamaica i satyed with some relatives. They live in a house by the coast in Kingston. Whilst being there i didnt do the typical "tourist" attractions. I spent most of my time with my cousins. They showed me around Down Town, where they live, and also the other areas. We went to cricket games and played football on the beach and simply had a great time I specifically remember when we went to Reggae falls in St Thomas Parish. Its these beautiful waterfalls and we had a great time there. They also took me to Blue mountain Peak, in Blue mountains national park. And honestly its one of the most interesting hikes ive taken. But they were the only proper tourist places i went to.

I ate loads of my fave foods when i was there, Jerk Chicken, Oxtail, Curry goat. Ackee is Jamaicas national fruit, and is usually eaten with saltfish but i dont like it very much. Talking about food my grandma also made me eat spring onion for the first time. It was disgusting.

Whilst we were there we also went to carnival. All the music and colours made it such a fun experience. I really enjoyed every moment of that day, then again i just love Carnival. Weather its in bristol or wherever.

But yeh that was the main things i did whilst i was here, apart from listen to a crap ton of reagge. but we played some of my music too and i just had a great time. I already miss it and im only on the plane.