Week 1 (Tutorial 2/3/2017, Lecture 3/3/2017)

Through reflecting on my first Mathematics lecture and especially tutorial, I am able to sum up, in what I found to be helpful, interesting and what I found challenging. However, I am able to refer back to my earlier reflections of what I found most challenging and checklist off the difficulties by solving these challenges when continuing this unit with my tutor. Beginning the tutorial, I was pleased as to how our tutor gave us four different folders to create, where we were able to develop documents for ourselves in the future. To begin the lesson in an exciting and engaging way for the class, Our tutor gave us an activity to which categorised in folder “fun/interesting ideas” already giving us useful activities for the future. When summing up my reflection of the lesson I noticed that throughout the positive learning experiences I faced, I realised something very interesting when learning of the way Mathematics is taught in Singapore. It became evident to me that the system is highly struggling. I believe when watching this video I am able to learn from this and do the opposite with my class when commencing practical.