I am right now in Davos for world junior championships!! I arrived here on Sunday and I have had two days of slalom training here in Davos. Yesterday we woke up quite early and went with a train to the the top of the mountain. It was so beautiful because the sun was shining and you could see the mountaintops. The training went ok, but I was so happy to get to ski in so nice weather and long slopes. In the afternoon we did some activation for our muscles.

Today we skied few runs next to the race slope. I am really excited for tomorrow slaloms race! This is going to be my first jwsc ( junior world ski championships). I have tried not to think about the race so I wouldn't get too nervous but I am still a little nervous. This is a really big opportunity to see how fast I am skiing compared to the other girls in the competition. 

My start bib is 51 and the race will start att 9 and if you want to follow the race you can see it from; https://davos2018.ch/

I don't want to put any pressure on myself by thinking that I should finish under a specific position, my only goal is to make as clean run as possible and come to the finish.  

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I have soon been three weeks in Central Europe. It has been really fun to be here and to get many new experiences.

I flew with five other girls on the first of January to Ljubljana where our coach came to pick us up. We drove to Naklo where we spent the night and drove in the morning to Kranjska Gora where we had training. And after that two days of races. I had not skied giant slalom in a long time so the race was more lika a training for me. After the races we went to Tarvisio for a slalom race. After the race we were supposed to train there for two days but I got sick...

I was sick for almost a week but I was lucky I only missed two races. The first day I was not feeling sick any more I had a slalom race in Gaal, Austria. I did't have any energy but I was satisfied with the race. We had also the next day a slalom race and I had difficulties on both runs. We drove back to Naklo after the race. This was the 12.1.

In Naklo we had a day off and we went to Ljubljana for shopping! And everything was so cheap, I bought some shirts and a pair of pants and two phone cases + food for only 50€?!?! We didn't have time to see the center of Ljubljana but we left it for later.

We had two giant slalom races in Kravec which is only a half hour drive from our hotel in Naklo. The races went quite good if keeping in mind that I had been less than 10 days on gs skies since the races in Levi. We were supposed to go to Cerkno for gs training but they were shooting snow there so we had to stay in Naklo for an extra day. We had slalom training in really foggy weather and it was not so fun...

In the evening we drove to Cerkno and we had the next two days gs training which went quite well! But in the race the next day it went really bad, the weather was shit, it was plus degrees and the cloud was on the same hight as the slope so the sight was really bad. We were supposed to have two races but the second was cancelled when the rain turned into snow.

We went by our hotel to pick up our other stuff and drove to Ljubljana. That was yesterday.

It has been a lot of travelling and skiing and it feels like forever but we are not even halfway yet through the trip. It is really fun to see so many new places and to race against really good skiers. Sometimes when it doesn't go well you get a little bit impatient but otherwise this trip is going really good. Except for the weathers I thought it would be a lot more sunny but it has been mostly cloudy...



^How happy I am that the Holiday has begun. It has been a chaotic December but now I can rest for almost a week before my next adventure to Middle Europe.

I have been the past week in Nilsiä where I went to school for a couple of days and skied almost every day in Tahko.

Before that I was first in Salla for two slalom races and after that in Pyhä for two giant slalom and two slalom races.

The races in Salla went really good and I won both of the races! Before the season if somebody would have said to me I would win two races before Christmas I would probably laughed at them. But I am really happy with my result and can't wait to go to race in Middle Europe after the New Year.

In Pyhä the giant slalom races went ok. The first race went quite good but in the second race I skied out because of bad timing. I only past the second slalom race but I came as divided second place with Inka. I skied really well the second run but it wasn't enough for a first place but it doesn't matter because you can't always win. 

I came home to Kauniainen on Thursday and got to see my friends on Friday and we went Christmas shopping, it was really fun to see them. In the evening I first saw my farmor and farfar and after that I went with my sister to Karis.



Last week we had the races in Levi and Kiruna. The two slalom races and one giant slalom race in Levi went like I had expected it was not my best runs but a good start to the season. After the races in Levi we went straight to Kiruna in Sweden. The races were in the evening so it was really bad lightning in the slope and the hill wasn't steep. But it didn't really matter. In the first race I had a solid first run and was third but my second run could have gone so I ended fifth and I am still satisfied with the result, because it shows that I have the possibility to ski better. The second race I didn't have any good runs and I was eight but one of my team mates skied really good and won the race.

Even if it was a long week with a lot of races it was fun but also challenging I was happy to go to Nilsiä where I am right now. We came here after Kiruna and it was a really long drive with a lot of problems for everybody. Our cars windscreen wipers didn't work and after a while one of them broke, it was so bad sight that we had to drive really slow. The others car couldn't go over 80 km/h because it was broken or something.

I have now been in Nilsiä for five days and it has been great to be back. Here is not so much snow and Tahko hasn't been opened yet, that means we have to ski in kasurila free skiing because you can't set a course yet there... But it's also good to not be able to ski so I can do dryland training instead.



Tomorrow is going to be the first race of the season. Its a slalom race and right now slalom is going quite well so I am not so nervous. I think its gonna be interesting to find out on what level I am right now.

Yesterday we had training and in the evening I went for an ice cream with Jenny. I can't remember the cause but I think we were celebrating how good our school is going right now :) 

Today I was preparing for tomorrows race so nothing special. I was in the gym two times and in the evening we went to the sauna!

We will now have four days in a row competition here in Levi and straight after that we are going to Kiruna. 



On Saturday was the womens alpine worldcup and on Sunday was the mens worldcup. I got to be the forerunner in the womens race and it was so fun! I was really nervous in the start but when I went out of the gate and started skiing I couldn't stop smiling. The run went really good until the middle of the steep section where I fucked up and ended sliding down hill on my stomach... And when I at last got up on my feet and continued on the course I flew on the last roll and was out again :) The other run I passed the course with a quite good run.

Even if I fell down it doesn't matter because it was a really fun experience and something I will remember a very long time, and I hope that I will get to be a part of the Levi worldcup again next year.

After the race I was resting and in the evening I was with my friends and it was very fun.

Today, Sunday, I didn't ski as a forerunner because it was the mens race but I got to watch the whole race from the finnish area. It was fun to see the race and I can't wait for our first race next week. The only bad thing about today was the weather because it was snowing the whole time and when you where standing still watching the race you got after a while really cold.




My name is Mathilda and I am going to tell you short about myself.

I am a 17-teen year old girl from Finland. I live in the summer in Kauniainen but in the winter I live in the middle of Finland, because I am an alpine skier. I ski the most in the fall and the winter but I have also some camps in the spring and the summer. My life is a lot about skiing, but that doesn't matter because I love skiing. My dream is to get to the top in alpine skiing.

In this blog I am going to write about my life, so a lot about skiing and training.

Right now I am in Levi. And tomorrow I am going to be skiing as a forerunner in the worldcup. I am very excited but really nervous because this is a new experience.